What Happened To Wendy Marie Trapaga? Michel Escoto Sentenced To Life For Murdering Newly Wed Wife

Michel Escoto is in prison now as he got condemned to jail life in May 2014.

Besides, he got blamed for killing his better half Wendy after certain days of their marriage, and his sweetheart announced that she assisted him with doing the wrongdoing.

Despite the fact that, Escoto declined to acknowledge liability regarding killing his better half during his condemning hearing Wednesday.

Dateline; Where Is Michel Escoto Now? Michel has been in prison since he was condemned to jail for his life in May 2014, as per thefreelibrary.com. Before that, he got first condemned to 30 days in secure.

He and Wendy Trapage were in the scramble for a function without any visitors at Miami Beach City Hall. Additionally, the 28 years of age lady was brimming with affection, and she was unable to stand by to wed him.

Nonetheless, Wendy couldn’t see the dim purpose for that and wedded Michel straightaway. She had marked a life coverage strategy and has seen as dead soon after their four days of weeding.

Wendy Trapage Muder Case Wendy Trapage got found dead after she got hitched to Michael. Likewise, she wound up dead by her significant other to participate in a plan to gather a $1 million insurance contract.

Besides, the police got Michael in 2005 for the homicide of Wendy’s. Myriam Benitez as private delegate and as successor to the home of her little girl, Yolanda Cerrillo, the ex of Escoto, for unfair demise.

In the homicide case, David C. Mill operator was the adjudicator, and the preliminary lengths endured two days. Similarly, preliminary thoughts endured four hours. It was the situation of $44,000,000 which got held in Miami-Dade County Circuit Court.

The case got enrolled on September 4, 2013, and there were two gatherings, Myriam Benitez and the Estate of Wendy Marie Trapaga. The protector was Yolanda Cerrillo.

Michael Escoto’s Age And Girlfriend Details Michael is 50 years of age in 2022 and stands six feet and 0.2 inches tall. His ex’s name is Yolanda Cerrillo, who has assisted him with killing his better half, Wendy.

Yolanda Cerrillo saw that she was frantically enamored with Escoto, and she has given her all that could be within reach to keep Michael in her life. She explains how Escoto intended to kill his significant other.

They filled the tub, and afterward she went to the water, and he got bowing inside the water and pushed her down with his hands, Yolanda told. She said that Escoto delivered his significant other once and told him why he wouldn’t find success.

Yolanda let Michael know that it wouldn’t function as the power of him holding her down in the water would leave wounds.

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