What Happened To Ryker: TikTok Star Disappears From Social Media

What Happened To Ryker TikTok Star Disappears From Social Media

Fans of TikTok star Ryker were concerned when they could not find her on social media. Yes, you read that right. The popular personality has disappeared from all social media platforms and has left her well-wishers worried about her. For those unversed, Ryker is well-known for posting content with her bike, lip-sync videos, and comedic sketches. The news of her disappearance was shared by another TikTok user @melissa_a_j who stated that the Canadian influencer decided to leave the platform after receiving a shocking package. Let us find out the complete details here.

According to the reports, TikTok user @melissa_a_j shared the information about Ryker leaving the social media platform. She stated that the influencer received a package at her home. Following the strange incident, not only she but her daughter’s safety was also concerned. Let us add that the influencer was shocked because she had not made her residential address public. Sharing a video, Melissa said that someone from the United States sent a package to her house.

What Happened To Ryker?

It was added that it was sent not to her P.O box, but to her home address which only about a handful of people have. Melissa further stated that the TikToker received a package that included Fentanyl powder. According to reports, the narcotic is 100 times more potent than morphine and 50 times more potent than heroin making it incredibly dangerous. It was also revealed that the TikToker’s daughter touched the fentanyl as well.

Melissa said that Ryker’s 10-year-old daughter opened the package because she was excited to get package and the white powder went everywhere. Let us mention that even the most minuscule amount of fentanyl can kill anyone. It is not wrong to state that Ryker left the platform because the life of her daughter was threatened and it is enough. Although her real name seems to be unknown at this time, it is known that she has become a popular idol in the LGBTQI+ community on TikTok.

As mentioned, Ryker shared videos related to her bikes, comedic sketches, and more and entertained her followers. Her account has more than 338.4K followers while she has garnered around 5.3 million likes. Ever since the social media personality disappeared from the video-sharing platform, her fans have created videos expressing sadness. Ryker’s TikTok account is private now and is no longer active. Stay connected with Social Telecast to get the latest updates and trending news. Follow us!

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