What Happened To Ronnie Coleman Legs? Why Is He In A Wheelchair?

After competing in a number of competitions while suffering from herniated discs, Ronnie Coleman, a retired bodybuilder, is now confined to a wheelchair. His legs aren’t exactly moving well.

American professional bodybuilder Ronnie Dean Coleman is now retired. Along with Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mr. Olympia has been regarded as one of the two greatest bodybuilders of all time for eight years running.

also for possessing the most powerful bodybuilding physique to ever grace a stage. With 26 IFBB professional titles under his belt, Ronnie is the greatest bodybuilder and Mr. Olympia of all time.

In addition, he is renowned for his formidable physique, commanding body parts, and challenging routines. Coleman has a popular youtube channel as well, where he continues to wow viewers.

Ronnie Coleman

Ronnie Coleman

What Happened To Ronnie Coleman Legs?

Ronnie Coleman has undergone a number of surgeries since retirement, and he worries that he might not be able to completely utilize his legs in the future. Over the years, he feels that procedures have caused more harm than benefit.

In order to address his issues, Coleman has undergone more than a dozen significant procedures, including ten back operations and two hip replacements.

In a 2018 interview with Muscular Development Magazine, he claimed to have spent over $2 million on surgeries that had caused more harm than benefit. Coleman also claimed to be scared of never regaining his ability to walk.

He thinks he would have been walking long ago if the surgeon had performed these surgeries correctly.

Why Is Ronnie Coleman In A Wheelchair?

Fans are worried about Ronnie Coleman after noticing him in a wheelchair. He claims that he needs assistance walking for a considerable distance because his legs are weak.

The former pro is still huge, but his body has lost its strength and is no longer as powerful as it once was. Coleman, on the other hand, thanked Rogan for keeping things from getting worse for him.

The heavyweight lauded the use of stem cell therapy for significantly lessening his agony. He asserts that the therapy has greatly lessened his agony and dramatically improved his health.

Ronnie Coleman Now: Disease And Health Update

Although Ronnie Coleman is disease-free, his health declined as a result of years of pushing his body past its breaking point. In his career, he experienced numerous injuries.

Ronnie also paid little attention to some of the serious wounds that are currently bothering him. Coleman claimed that he is getting stronger at several lifts at the gym. Coleman is doing more 45s on the machine now than he was throughout his recuperation, even if he isn’t leg pressing 2,300 pounds like he used to.

Coleman’s regained leg power is certainly a sign that his physical health is getting better. The former officer acknowledges that it will take some time for him to get free of the crutches.

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