What Happened To Rapper Archie Eversole And How Did He Die? We Ready Anthem Artist Passes Away

Archie Eversole, an Atlanta-based rapper who made significant contributions to the hip-hop scene in 2002, died at the age of 37.

Archie Eversole, best known for his super hit album Ride Wit Me Dirty South Style, has died.

In 2002, the Atlanta, Georgia-based rapper gave us the legendary song “We Ready,” which is still played in several arenas and clubs today.

Similarly, he is the composer of the song “United We Conquer,” a theme song for MLS club Atlanta United.

How Did Archie Eversole Die? 

The Atlanta radio station Hot 107.9FM announced the death of veteran rapper Archie Eversole.

Eversole was just a teenager when he released his debut album, Ride Wit Me Dirty South Style, and he quickly rose to fame.

The RIAA eventually certified his album as gold, and one of the album’s songs, “We Ready,” has become a popular anthem at sporting events.

According to Archies’ online bio, he was born in July 1984 on a US military base in Germany.

His dad served in the United States Navy, and his mom was a part of the United States Army stationed in Germany. Eversole grew up in Atlanta’s College Park neighborhood.

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We Ready Anthem Rapper Archie Eversole Dead At Age 37

We Ready anthem rapper Archie Eversole dies at the young age of 37. 

Many celebrated personalities flocked to social media to pay their respects to the legendary rapper. Robert Griffin III, a former NFL quarterback, expressed his grief on the rapper’s loss. 

Following Eversole’s death, a dressing room clip of football players performing We Ready was also shared on social media.

Enthusiasts of Atlanta United lamented his loss on social media, sharing photos of Eversole mixing with other soccer fans.

What Happened To Rapper Archie Eversole? Cause Of Death Explored

As of now, rapper Archie Eversoles’ cause of death has not been revealed. 

On Wednesday, April 13, Eversole’s family confirmed his death. However, they did not provide much additional info on his death.

The rappers’ family is going through a difficult period, so they may have taken some time to grieve privately. More information about the cause of death could be available soon.

Archie Eversole Net Worth Explored

According to the data published by famousnetworth, Archie Eversole has a net worth of around $250,000.  

 Even though Archie was unable to repeat his early 2000s popularity, he left a lasting legacy in a short period.

His music will live on in the hearts of hip-hop, football, and soccer fans for the rest of their lives.

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