What Happened To Paris Harvey? Online Video Shows Girl Fatally Shooting Cousin and Herself

A shocking piece of news is coming to the front. A young girl named Paris Harvey shot another young boy to death before shooting herself. As per reports, two young cousins were live-streaming when one child fatally shot the other. Soon after the incident, the girl shot herself as well. The family members have called the incident a ‘tragic accident’. The news has shocked everyone who has come to know about it. Since the children were young and innocent, the incident has gotten even more saddening. Let us check further details of the matter.

What Happened To Paris Harvey? Online Video Shows Girl Fatally Shooting Cousin and Herself

Paris Harvey, 12, and Kuaron Harvey, 14, are identified as the two victims. The grandmother of the girl, Susan Dyson, told the police that she saw the Instagram Live video featuring the two cousins. She added that it did not look like a situation where they were arguing or anything like that. Susan who lives in the Dallas area said that the kids were just playing with the gun when they should not have been. She further added that she thinks the gun went off by mistake and it was not intentional.


Meanwhile, the family members have said the cousins had been raised together as Kuaron’s mother and Paris’ father are siblings. On another side, the police who are currently investigating Friday’s incident has called it a “murder-suicide”. At the time of the incident, both the kids were in a bathroom making a video in the mirror. They were live-streaming from a St. Louis apartment.

After seeing the horrific video, the family members said that Kuaron was shot, Paris reached for the gun. They believed that it may have accidentally gone off again and added that the gun belonged to Kuaron. Let us add that both the young children were shot in the head. The 35-year-old Shinise Harvey, Paris’s mother, denied calling it was a murder or suicide. Shinise continued calling it a freak accident that happened.

The woman added that she had not seen the video herself but was told by the family members about it. Shinise Harvey said that the children were just trying to be too hip. It is reported that the cousins often made videos and pulled pranks together. According to the family members, Paris was one of nine children. She was a seventh-grader who loved getting her hair and nails done. The family described Kuaron as a goofy child who had been able to do backflips. Kuaron was an eighth-grader.

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