What Happened To Joji?

Joji has been upfront about his health issues throughout his career.

Joji suffers from an unidentified neurological condition. He’s stated in interviews that it causes him to have stress-induced seizures, and as a result of the toll it took on him, he ended his YouTube career.

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Is Joji Sick? Illness And Health Update

Joji’s vocal tissue was injured. He had seizures due to an unknown neurological illness, which was worsened by the stress of playing all of his roles.

Joji’s recent health condition has not been disclosed yet. On October 23, 2020, Joji uploaded a photo on Instagram in which many of his fans commented to wish him to get well soon.

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More About Joji Career

Joji’s career as a performer began with his several now-defunct YouTube channels, the most prominent being TVFilthyFrank.

Miller created comedy hip hop songs under the Pink Guy identity, a zentai-wearing recurrent character on The Filthy Frank Show, to accompany his TVFilthyFrank channel.

Joji’s videos created a worldwide dance craze known as the Harlem Shake, directly responsible for Baauer’s “Harlem Shake” song debuting at the top of the Billboard Hot 100.

iDubbbz, JonTron, jacksfilms, Michael Stevens, and PewDiePie were among the YouTube stars that made major or cameo appearances on The Filthy Frank Show.

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