What Happened To Jackie Jessup? Motorcycle Accident Death and Tribute

A motorcycle accident sadly claimed the life of Jackie Jessup, real name Jacqueline Tyler Jessup, a member of the Henry County Chamber of Commerce in Georgia, on May 3, 2017. Given that she had previously battled and overcome thyroid and breast cancer, her passing was regrettable.

Timothy Jessup, who was fortunate enough to have survived the collision with only injuries, was riding with Jessup at the time of the disaster. The term “lucky” could have a sour meaning in his life because he lost his wife in the accident and now must live without her and care for his children by himself.

As a cancer survivor herself, Jessup received a little tribute when money was gathered for the American Susan G. Komen Foundation during her funeral.

Jackie Jessup

Jackie Jessup

What Happened To Jackie Jessup?

According to Jackie Jessup’s obituary, which was written by Dignity Memorial in her honour, she and her husband, Timothy Jessup, were both killed in a car accident on May 3, 2017, which claimed their lives. She was unfortunate to pass away at the young age of 47 because she was born in 1969.

Despite having a natural propensity for riding motorcycles, Jackie, a resident of Dekalb County, Georgia, was unaware that her hobby would eventually prove fatal. Her attitude and enthusiasm for enjoying life are/were highly known among her friends and family. Jackie cherished her downtime with her family and friends, as well as trips to the beach and other outdoor pursuits. She could not take advantage of things for a long time because she tragically departed away.

Furthermore, the knowledge that she has battled thyroid and breast cancer is distressing. Nobody ever imagined that a tragic accident would cause her to pass away due to the chronic illness she fought and overcame.

Motorcycle Accident Death Of Jackie Jessup

According to reports, Jackie Jessup wasn’t by herself at the accident site. She was there with her husband, Timothy Jessup, who was physically hurt in the accident but managed to survive. Her husband and family were devastated by the accident that took Jackie Jessup’s life and in tears.

Jackie’s funeral preparations were handled on May 7, 2017, at the Haisten Funeral Home in McDonough, according to the obituary released by Dignity Memorial. It is apparent from the same obituary that Jackie enjoyed an active social life when she was living, and her family is not the only one who will miss her.

Jackie was a lifelong member of Women of the Moose chapter 1115 as well as the Community Bible Church, the NRA, and the Henry County Chamber of Commerce. She must have had friendly relationships with many individuals, based on her professional and social activities, and her untimely death shattered many of those relationships.

Jackie Jessup Personal Life-  Husband And Family

Jackie was married and had her own children as well as stepchildren. Dakota David Tyler and Lauren Elizabeth Tyler, the two children she had with Timothy Jessup, were born to them together. Timothy had to have been married to Jackie once before because she also had two stepchildren, Kristin and Kara Jessup.

Jackie was born to mother Edna and father Jack Hartwell Smith, which adds to the background of her family. Her mother eventually wed her stepfather, Don Gilmer, after her father passed away too soon. There are no children in Jackie’s family. She has two brothers, Randy J. Smith and Richard Thomas Dukes, as well as a sister, Joyce Ann Smith.

Arnie and Susie Norton are also the names of her mother- and father-in-law.

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