What Happened To Ja Morant? Memphis’s Point Guard In Talks Along With Jordan Poole Knee Injury

Ja Morant suffered from an injury during his recent match in NBA. His fans are worried, as the player might miss his Game 4. 

An American professional basketball player, Ja Morant, plays for the team Memphis Grizzlies in the NBA. He is best known for his position as a point guard and even won NBA All-Star in 2022. 

He was drafted in 2019 as the second overall pick in round one. He quickly impressed the basketball fanatics as a starter and has been playing as a professional for over two years. 

The player has now come to the public’s attention with the recent incident in the NBA match against his opponent team Golden State Warrior. 

What Happened To Ja Morant? His Injury Report

Memphis Grizzles starter star Ja Morant suffered a knee injury at his recent NBA match. The player walked out from the middle of the court during the fourth quarter. 

The player left the game early after an injury, which left his fans concerned about him. Following his injury report, he is still under doubtful with Right knee soreness.

Regardless, Dr. Evan stated on his Twitter account, “I don’t see a significant injury here with Ja Morant but possible knee sprain (MCL).”

Morant managed to score 34 points in the Saturday match. Also, not long ago, the player suffered a tweaked knee injury and was expected to make his return in around two weeks after his recovery, as per CBS Sports

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Is Ja Morant Playing Tonight?

Ja Morant is still in a doubtful situation for his return to the court tonight. Taylor Jenkins, the head coach,

Although the player’s situation remains skeptical, there is a high chance he won’t be playing on the court. However, the good thing is he might soon recover from his injury and reappear in the game. 

Still and all, let’s continue watching for more updates, as fortunate, Ja might recover sooner than expected.

Jordan Poole And Ja Morant Video Viral On Web- Was His Knee Pulled?

With Ja Morant’s injury and the doubt for his return in game 4, the video of the player and Jordan Poole has circulated around the internet. 

After watching the video, the users started blaming Poole for the injury mentioning he pulled Morant’s right knee backward. 

Taylor Jenkins, Grizzles coach, mentioned, “He was going after a dribble, and Jordan actually grabbed his knee and yanked it, which kind of triggered whatever happened…”


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