What happened to him: Reddit Is Curious About The Rapper’s Arrest

Rapper Gunna: What happened to him? Reddit Is Curious About The Rapper’s Arrest

Rapper Gunna, who was detained in Atlanta on suspicion of RICO charges around two and a half months ago, is still being held there.

Thug and Gunna were two of the 26 people accused of murder, armed robbery, aggravated assault, and other offences.


Rapper Gunna

Rapper Gunna: Why Is He in Prison? Discussions on Reddit

Rapper Gunna was detained in Atlanta together with Young Thug on RICO allegations. According to VICE, the Fulton County District Attorney’s office has filed many accusations against Gunna, including murder, armed robbery, assault, and what is popularly known as a RICO violation.

Five properties, $750,000 in collateral, and 24-hour security were all offered. Even that, an attorney told Vice, wasn’t enough to get them released on bond.

According to the judge’s decision, Chris Timmons stated that the intimidation of witnesses was unquestionably the key factor in the rejection of bail. The court denied the state’s request for release because she found the testimony of witness intimidation to be credible.

On the other hand, a topic noting Kim Kardashian’s tweet to “release Gunna” is currently being discussed on Reddit. Fans believe that Kim’s tweet may assist free Gunna from prison.

Although it is unclear how the case will turn out, Gunna also appears to have more courage than others to escape from prison.

Rapper Gunna is detained; charges include racketeering; more information

An Atlanta grand jury on Monday indicted Young Thug, Gunna, and 26 other persons for allegedly belonging to YSL, also known as “Young Slime Life,” which the government described as a “criminal street gang.” Indictment day was May 11, 2022.

Since 2013, members of YSL have committed murder, armed robbery, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, and a lengthy number of other crimes to “increase the reputation, power, and territory” of the organization.

It permits prosecutors to bring charges against those who might not have committed a crime directly but were unwittingly involved in one. In Georgia, a RICO conviction carries a five-year mandatory minimum term and a twenty-year maximum punishment.

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