What Happened To Dj Dbaby, the obituary? Cause of Death for Houston Rapper and Jockey

What Happened To Dj Dbaby, the obituary? Cause of Death for Houston Rapper and Jockey

Dj Dbaby

Dj Dbaby

Due to her dominance of Texas’ clubs and events, DJ D Baby was one of the best DJs in the making.

Despite her youth and inexperience in the industry, demand for her music and events was great. State-renowned media sources like Voyage Dallas and Shoutout Texas featured DJ D Baby as their featured artist.

The young woman recently startled her supporters and online users all around the nation when word of her abrupt demise broke.

How did DJ Dbaby fare? illness of a Houston rapper

Due to an unexpected mishap, DJ Dbaby spent a week in the hospital. According to The Focus, the party starter had dropped from a high-rise building’s patio.

As a result, the DJ had spent the last three days in the hospital and was being closely monitored by doctors.

There haven’t been any prior reports of the DJ having a serious sickness or dealing with a serious medical problem. D Baby was in the hospital as a result of the severe injuries she sustained when she fell.

Sadly, because she has said goodbye to the world, this is the worst day for her friends and family.

Terri Lewis, her mother, posted on Facebook to confirm her death. According to Terri’s caption, the news has left her heart shattered and burdened.

Dj Dbaby, also known as Darian Lewis, died; what was the cause of death?

At the hospital where she had been receiving life-saving treatment, DJ Dbaby passed away.

Her injuries were so severe that the DJ lost the fight for life with them, even if it is proven that she fell from a substantial height. Darian Lewis was the real name of the Houston Jockey.

She was the only girl in her family and the youngest child overall. Houston lost a DJ who had the potential to dominate the business in a few years, sending social media into a frenzy.

Nishia Jackson, Darian’s ex-girlfriend, addressed the claims that she had pushed the late DJ in a Facebook status update and provided her side of the tale.

Darian was drunk from booze when Nishia and her friends went out to party. According to Ms. Jackson, DJ D Baby made her sprint over the terrace and then she fell.

The Facebook post further states that neither Nishia nor the DJ killed her by pushing her, proving that the fall was entirely unintentional.

DJ DBaby spoke out frequently about her employment and other side businesses. She earned substantial wealth as a result of her high earnings.

While she was still alive, the DJ did not confirm her estimated net worth. Her involvement in several sectors is still well-known, nevertheless.

In addition to her exceptional work as a DJ, Darian Lewis, who is now deceased, attended Texas Southern University.

She started off as an entrepreneur with Hookah Heroes, a business that specializes in offering top-notch hookah items and services, after finding success as a DJ.

The business is headquartered in Houston, Texas’s Culture Htx. While still alive, the late DJ was hard at work and dreaming about Hookah Heroes’ national growth.

The late DJ and businessman was also a well-known brand ambassador on social media.

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