What Happened To Desus and Mero? Are They Getting Cancelled Or Is It Just Another Feud?

Desus and Mero are having problems over podcast money. It is one of the most unsettling news that can be thrown on our faces. The duo has been best of friends for many, many years, and the reason behind the feud seems unreasonable, to say the least. 

Even though there has been no official confirmation on this, a series of screenshots are doing rounds proving the rumors. The snaps are of Desus’ tweets which talk about how he tried to save the friendship, but he couldn’t. One of the Twitteratti says that Desus had dissed someone regarding the money issues a while ago without taking names. 

The screenshot reads, “I toured with a Dude for years he was fubar(fake)and in his bag podcast done enjoy the back catalog pals.” Another one retweeted it, saying that it was not true, the television personality did not talk about Mero in it. 

One of the most important tweets by Desus says,” This hive deserved better than this ending. Reddit can slander my name, but when the truth comes out actually just wait.” If this one is true in any case, people say that the beef is clear and they are having major issues. 

Similarly, another perspective says that Mero is getting into Hollywood, which resulted in a lack of time for the podcast. This has been taken as another possible reason for their split.

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 Is The Bodega Boys Podcast Cancelled or Ending? Desus And Mero

Desus and Mero podcast is probably ending now. People are just waiting for one official news of the split between the hosts and the deal is done; there is no way that the two are returning for a show together. 

As long as the news doesn’t get authorized, we can hope for better things, but the chances of the show getting canceled are 99 percent. 

Amid all this, fans are hoping this to be untrue. These two were a vibe together. They actually gave many the actual definition of friendship. Twitter is literally grieving this unexpected clash between the best friends on Television. 

Bojack writes, “if desus and mero forreal got beef everything in this world is subject to falling apart. nothing will last” Likewise, Tyler Conway says, “Desus and Mero are beefing?????? why can nothing beautiful in this cruel world last”

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