What Happened To Dennis Earl Bradford? Jennifer Schuett Kidnapping and Attack Story

Jennifer Schuett had to experience a horrific tragedy in her life when she was just eight years old. She was attacked in Galveston, Texas, in August 1990, and the assailant slit her neck before abandoning her to perish.

She, fortunately, made it through the ordeal. However, it took the pursuing team over 19 years to get a lead against her assailant Dennis Bradford before he was taken into custody.

Lisa Bradford was alive before the most recent update. She was Dennis Bradford’s first wife, a convicted felon.

Jennifer Schuett Kidnapping Story
Jennifer Schuett Kidnapping Story
( Source : Theancestory )

He proposed to Lisa six months after they first met in Hot Springs, Arkansas, in 1991. They have a son and a daughter together over their many years of marriage.

But soon after they married, she saw that he was acting differently. She was already divorced and living a new life when Dennis was arrested.

After losing him, she remarried in 2017 and is now a data entry specialist. But she said that her ex-husband was not aggressive while they were married.

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