What Happened To Chris Nielsen In Cliff Accident? Parachute Base Jumping Death

Chris Nielsen, a professional skydiver, has died in a cliff accident. What happened in the parachute base jumping mishap?

Nielsen was an American daredevil and sky diving enthusiast. He was well-known for his tricks, flips, and – who can forget- the midair backflip?

However, the stuntman is no more with us today. He died doing what he loved!

According to the surfacing news, Chris Nielsen has passed away. The unfortunate news was shared by Skydive Buckeye on Wednesday evening via a heartwrenching Facebook post.

Apparently, Chris Nielsen died in a cliff accident. 

Skydive wrote, “It is with great sadness to let everyone know that we lost Chris Nielsen today in a base jumping accident. Our hearts are broken and he will forever be missed. We love you, Chris.” 

Nielsen was a professional skydiver and instructor. He had nearly a decade of experience, with more than 4000 skydives in the first 7 years of his career. 

He had helped many people to overcome their fear of height. As such, people soon flooded the Facebook post with RIP comments. 

One wrote, “Wow..I’m speechless. He was my first jump instructor. Such a great dude”. Another user commented, “The man had an energy that was unmatched. At the same time, he had a really calming presence.”

Chris Nielsen’s parachute base jumping death was accidental.

There are rumors that Chris Nielsen might have committed suicide. However, this is neither true nor confirmed.

There is no denying that Skydiving is a very dangerous sport and anything can happen when you are thousands of feet above the sky. Nonetheless, the full incident of the Chris Nielsen cliff accident is yet to be disclosed. 

Nielsen was very trained in skydiving. In fact, the daredevil had gone viral for his

His untimely death has come as shocking to everybody. Likewise, the entire community is mourning his departure.

Despite his popularity, Chris Nielsen doesn’t have a Wikipedia bio yet. But, you can find Chris Nielsen’s Instagram as @chrisnielsen1989 with more than 5.9 thousand followers. 

Born in 1989, Chris Nielsen was the age 33 years old in 2022. He was rising in Arizona, Phoenix, where he used to carry out many thrilling stunts.

Nielsen lived with the motto, “trying to make life more awesome every day!” He wasn’t afraid to take risks and enjoyed every moment of his life, which is a very rare trait in people these days.

On the other hand, Nielsen’s family hasn’t released an official statement yet. They seem distraught by the situation and need private space for now. So, we request our readers not to trouble him in these difficult times.

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