What Happened To Andrew Hutchinson After SWAT Responds As Suspect Shot At An Officer? Hostage Situation

Andrew Hutchinson barricaded himself after firing several shots in Northern Kentucky. 

Special Weapons and Tactics teams arrived at the scene on Monday night, where Andrew Hutchinson locked himself up. Moreover, he fired several shots at the Fort Thomas police officers who tried to pursue him. 

The incident took place around the intersection of South Grand Avenue and South Fort Thomas Avenue. The Kenton County Regional Swat team responded soon to the scene asking the person to surrender.

The squad is now trying its best to negotiate with the individual inside. Meanwhile, the neighbor seems worried about the threatening event. 

What Happened To Andrew Hutchinson?

Andrew Hutchinson has shut himself down at the Northern Kentucky home. The SWAT team has arrived at the scene, trying to pursue him to come out. 

He fired many shots before barricading himself in the house. The incident that happened on Monday night terrified the people around the area. 

The neighbors in the area mentioned that the Local 12 house belongs to his brother. In order to compel the suspect to surrender, the agents have taken the help of tear gas. 

However, he still seems to be holding up, not surrendering. The team is trying their best to ease the situation by reaching out to the suspect. 

In the meantime, the neighbors and witnesses are cooperating with the situation. Hopefully, the circumstance will soon be under control. 

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SWAT Responds On Kentucky Shooting As Andrew Hutchinson Shot An Officer

SWAT team soon responded to the Kentucky Shooting incident at Fort Thomas. The officers arrived at the area around 7:30 pm on S Grand Avenue, attempting to get hold of the suspect. 

As per Fox19, Andrew fired several shots at the Fort Thomas police officers and locked himself in the house. The SWAT team who reached the situation has asked the suspect to surrender and come outside. 

Moreover, the witness mentioned hearing five gunshots, while the other stated hearing something during the storm before the police arrived at the scene.

Andrew Hutchinson Suspect For Hostage Incident In Northern Kentucky

As mentioned by the neighbor in the incident area, Andrew Hutchinson has his girlfriend as the hostage in Northern Kentucky. 

Furthermore, he has locked her up in the basement of the home. Additionally, S Fort Thomas Avenue is closed down for now in the area. 

He is armed and refusing to come out while keeping a hostage for himself in the home that neighbors claimed to be of his brothers’.


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