What Features Does Snapchat Plus Have? List Of Snapchat Plus Features

What Features Does Snapchat Plus Have? List Of Snapchat Plus Features

What Is Snapchat Plus?

Snapchat+ is a $3.99/month membership service that offers a number of new features, such as the ability to see who has rewatched your stories and the chance to modify the app’s icon.

The widely used social networking platform will soon have a premium version from Snap Inc. that will include “exclusive” and “experimental” features. The service, known as Snapchat+, will provide a distinctive experience to “some of the most passionate members of our community” for $3.99 per month, the company said in a statement on Wednesday. Other information regarding the plan was withheld by the company.

A tumultuous few months followed for Snapchat, which benefited from a surge in usage during the pandemic. The company lowered its revenue and profit projections in May and announced it would limit hiring, which caused a 43 percent decline in the value of its stock. The startup, which is based in Santa Monica, California, started testing a subscription service earlier in June.

What Features Does Snapchat Plus Have?

The American instant messaging app Snapchat has introduced Snapchat Plus. The Snapchat Plus membership allows users access to some of the app’s unique features.

For $3.99 per month, you may subscribe to Snapchat Plus, which has several features like story rewatch indicator, best friends forever, and ghost trails.

Additional benefits of the subscription include unique app icons and themes, the Snapchat+ badge, and the Friend Solar System.

Only subscribers of Snapchat+ will have access to these features. Snapchat said that more features will be made available in the future.

Features Of Snapchat Plus

Alessandro Paluzz, an app researcher, shared a few screenshots of Snapchat’s beta testing of new features on Twitter. Snapchat is currently testing a few features that will give its Plus subscribers some special capabilities. For instance, a subscriber to Snapchat Plus can select one of your friends as your “#1 BFF.” The list includes more features as well. The Snapchat icon can now be changed by plus members. Additionally, they may see who has watched their story again. The features of a Snapchat Plus subscription are listed below:

  • Pick a friend to be your #1 BFF.

  • Get access to special Snapchat icons

  • Make a badge visible in your profile.

  • View your orbit with a friend

  • View the last 24-hour whereabouts of your friend.

  • View the number of friends who have watched your story again.

List Of Snapchat Plus Features

The list of Snapchat Plus features include:

  • Ghost Trails

  • Best Friends Forever

  • Story Rewatch Indicator

  • Custom App Icons/Themes

  • Snapchat+ Badge

  • Friend Solar System

Ghost Trails

Ghost Trails is, if your friends share their location with you, you can view their last 24-hour activities. Friends’ Ghost Trails, however, can only be seen if you are aware of where they are. Furthermore, they must have access to Snapchat+ in their country. You must touch on your friends’ Bitmoji on the Snap Map in order to see their Ghost Trail.

Best Friends Forever

Using the Best Friends Forever feature, you are able to pin your friends on Snapchat Plus. A friend can be made your #1 Best Friend using Best Friends Forever by being pinned. By going to the “Chat” or “Sent To” screen, finding your friend, pushing and holding them, and selecting “Pin as your #1 Best Friend,” you can pin them. You can only pin one friend at a time, so keep that in mind.

Story Rewatch Indicator

Story Rewatch Indicator feature helps, by looking at the eye emoji, you may see who has viewed your stories again. The number next to the eye emoji represents the number of times your friends have seen your story, not the overall number of times. If two of your friends rewatched your story, for example, you would see the number 2 next to the eye emoji. You can also see how many of your friends have viewed your private and shared story snaps again.

Custom App Icons/Themes

A Snapchat+ subscriber may change their app icon. Go to your profile, tap the Snapchat+ membership card, click the App Icon, and then Select an app icon. Only iOS devices currently support this feature. The feature is presently being developed by Snapchat for Android.

Snapchat+ Badge

You’ll receive a black star badge if you sign up for Snapchat+. Your display name will appear with the badge next to it. This will announce to your friends that you have a Snapchat+ subscription. By default, the badge is off. You may turn it on by going to your Profile, clicking on your Snapchat+ membership card, and then selecting Snapchat+ Badge > On.

Friend Solar System

According to the Solar System, the Friend Solar System on Snapchat displays your closest friends. The feature can be accessed by tapping the gold-bordered “Best Friends” or “Friends” badge. You and your friend are each other’s eight closest friends if you are best friends. 

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