What are voodoo dolls? as Vladimir Putin Targeted by dark magic and being sold for under £23.89

There is a voodoo doll that is being used as a weapon against Vladimir Putin. Voodoo practitioners are buying handcrafted Putin dolls in hopes that they can prevent him from doing more harm. The Putin voodoo doll is available on Etsy for under $31.5.

Vladimir Putin targeted by dark magic

In the form of a voodoo doll, Voodoo devotees are directing a black magic spell towards Vladimir Putin. Voodoo devotees are hoping to stop Putin from more destruction by pinning pins in his hand-made voodoo dolls. The Putin voodoo doll is available for £23.89 on Etsy. Thousands of handmade Putin voodoo dolls are available on Etsy under the name BadCherrybyDD to protest Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. They Voodoo devotees believe that the dolls are to scare off Putin and prevent any further damage. Di Di writes, “Keep Vladimir Putin from causing chaos,” in the description of the doll. The doll is already quite popular. As of now, people have bought over 150 dolls.

Vladimir Putin

What are voodoo dolls?

A study published by Brown University says that the word voodoo means spirits. It is a magicological or religious belief that aims to bring spirits into contact with humans. As the name implies, pins are pushed into their soft bodies for making voodoo dolls. Further, it becomes material manifestations of the people they can control.

Despite not believing in such dark magic stuff herself, Di Di stated that her customers do. And they have been purchasing the doll and using it to inflict suffering on Putin. Among the dolls made by her in her online Etsy store, BadCherrybyDD, are those of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and former US President Donald Trump.

VATNIK: The Putin Voodoo Magnet

Moreover, ‘VATNIK: The Putin Voodoo Magnet’ was created back in 2014. Hence, this isn’t the first time that there is a voodoo doll for the Russian dictator.

During the project, the manufacturers pinned Ukrainian flags with voodoo dolls with Putin’s face to raise $5,000. When the war between Russia and Ukraine started in February 2014, this project mocked the Russian president.

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