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Who is Livy Renata – Bio, Boyfriend, Age, Net Worth, Husband, Married, ID TikTok

Livy Renata

Livy Renata

Let’s start with Livy Renata’s age, which is 19 at the moment. The following information reveals that Livy Renata was born on March 26, 2002. Continue for details on the school. Livy Renata stated that she received her schooling from Bina Bangsa International School. Last but not least, details about Livy Renata’s ancestry in the Jakarta area are given.

Livy Renata, also known as Yang Lifei in Chinese, goes by Livia Renata because her grandma is Taiwanese.

To sum up the height statistics, Livy Renata is between 160 and 170 cm.

The problem is that in a picture of the two people side by side on Livy Renata’s Instagram, it looks like Livy Renata is Ivan Gunawan’s shoulder.

Livy Renata is already a well-known Brand Ambassador. It’s true that Livy Renata serves as the BA for Alter Ego, a national esports squad. In addition to the esports community, Livy Renata is now highly known among Indonesian celebrities. The occasion was also sparked by Livy Renata’s invitation to take part in a variety of television and YouTube shows.

Livy Renata has recently made headlines for her experience working in a cafe, in addition to her fame as a BA. It is commonly known that Livy Renata originates from or was raised in an affluent family. As a result, Livy Renata disproved her mother’s assertion that her daughter was pampered. Unlikely working in a cafe with a driver, Livy Renata places food orders during breaks.

Livy Renata Viral Video

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Facts worth Noting

utilizing the fashionable stage name Livy.

such as English, Mandarin, Japanese, and Indonesian; learning several languages.

He learns Japanese from his uncle, who is married to a Sakura-nation woman.

He admits that, despite attending an international school as a child, he still occasionally finds it difficult to speak Indonesian.

He has a dog at home since he likes them. His dog, Soju, has a well-known name.

Yang Lifei is his Chinese name, and he is descended from Taiwanese people through his grandmother.

He gave an example of how he is forthright and honest when he doesn’t like something.

She is driven to work in a chauffeured vehicle and given the hilarious and distinctive moniker “princess” by her coworkers.

Like a starfish, his sleeping patterns are disordered.

I have 10 gemes pants.

I like to sit in the warteg position at home.

favors big outfits and enjoys stealing the boy’s clothes.

When you talk, you splutter.

A common motif is a guy named Justin.

pout a lot.

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