WATCH: Katy Perry Wardrobe Malfunction Video During American Idol Performance

Katy Perry who happens to be the judge at American Idol suffered a wardrobe malfunction this week when her leather pants ripped. Well, while wardrobe malfunction isn’t something rare incident with celebs, Perry’s malfunction came while she was performing at the American Idol show on Monday. But what exactly happened with Katy Perry?

Read ahead to know more about Katy Perry suffering a wardrobe malfunction at the American Idol.

Katy Perry was performing “Teenage Dream” on Monday episode

While American Idol brings worth watching performances of the contestants at the show. Everyone at the show on Monday’s episode was seen dancing and singing Katy Perry’s song. Monday’s episode had everyone, be it the contestants or the judges, all were seen singing and grooving to the songs sung.

Katy Perry was singing her hit song “Teenage Dream” on the Monday episode. While both contestants and the judges were dancing and singing Perry’s song, a wardrobe malfunction of Katy happened. She was literally left with an embarrassing situation when her tight leather pants ripped off mid-way through her performance.

Katy Perry’s leather pants ripped off while performing

Katy Perry was wearing red-colored leather pants and a sleeveless top for her Monday episode. While the other two judges of the show American Idol Lionel Richie & Luke Bryan too sang with Perry her hit song. She bent down and her red leather pants ripped off.

The singer was singing a line on skintight jeans and the wardrobe malfunction left her all embarrassed at the situation. Bryan on the malfunction said “They busted” as everybody broke into laughter. While the other judge called the concert officially over.

Perry taped her pants to continue

Meanwhile, the singer was left with her low jeans ripped off. She asked for yellow duct tape to cover the torn part of her leather pants to continue. The show however then went ahead with her covering her pants with the tape. The other two judges however tried to help her in getting her ripped pants covered properly.

Katy Perry

However, the wardrobe malfunction that Perry suffered wasn’t her first time as it happened before as well. Well, just like the Monday episode, Katy Perry in her previous malfunction too seeks help with the tape to handle it.

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