WATCH: DEVIANTSEIGA Twitter Video – Animated Catgirl Belly On Inflation Clip Goes Viral

The DeviantSeiga Animation video has become a new craze amongst web users. It recently sparked a lot of interest, and everyone seems to be looking for more information about it.

People have been curious to learn more about the aforementioned Twitter user. He has gotten a lot of attention from netizens after uploading an animated video. But the main question is what the video’s content is that has everyone’s attention drawn to it.

Who Is Deviantseiga on Twitter?

The aforementioned content creator was inspired by a number of movies as well as previous popular Twitter videos, such as the Ankha zone video. This isn’t the first time the account has shared such content; he’s done so in a number of previous videos. Regardless, they received little attention from netizens.


The Twitter account was created in November 2018, and it initially posted content for children’s entertainment. Nonetheless, as the creator’s popularity dwindled, he shifted to sexual content, and he now has thousands of followers and millions of views on his most recent videos. Please be aware, however, that it is restricted content and may contain disturbing sounds, as with any other NSFW video.

Explanation of Deviantseiga’s Twitter Video

Many users were captivated by the video, prompting them to create memes based on it. There is no denying that the viral video has elicited both positive and negative responses. According to reports, the video is shown in a section of a manufacturing facility where various types of feelings may occur during meals, and it is being watched by a lady with a tail.

Unexpectedly, she felt at the conveyor belt and began feeling the lady’s internal and mouth and personal parts in order to fill the unique product, the injection device. This appears to be the reason for the video’s widespread popularity on the internet. It has also been revealed that the video contains several entries from children.

Deviantseiga is also known as cat girl belly inflation by cream

The video of Deviantseiga’s catgirl belly growth by cream recently became viral on Twitter. Many people are hunting for video, which is growing increasingly popular. It’s also generating a lot of popularity on social media platforms, where a lot of people are sharing it. They’re interested in that film because, as you may be aware, there are a lot of viral videos on the Internet, and it’s one of them.

The viral video, which is a catgirl anime animation, was created by Deviantseiga. The character cat girl is apprehended by industrial robots, and we watch as the robots inject cream into the catgirl’s and my character’s belly until they become herbally enlarged.

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