Was Leighton Baker Arrested During Todays Protest? NZ Politician Taken After Pepper Sprayed During Speech

Reportedly, NZ Leighton Baker was among those who were arrested in a protest. Here is the complete breakdown of the news. Scroll below to learn more. 

Leighton Baker is a New Zealand politician. He was a leader of the New Conservative party from 2017 to 2020. 

Initially, he ran election for the Kiwi party before joining the Conservative party which was founded in 2011. Apart from his political career, he is also a businessman. 

Baker owns a Rangiora-based construction firm. The firm has been involved in the reconstruction amid the 2011 Christchurch earthquake. 

 He was on board of the Conservative Party until he resigned from it in March 2015. On 24 January 2017, they announced Baker as the new party leader of the Conservative Party. 

He stepped down as the leader of the New Conservative party in November 2020. 

Was NZ Politician Leighton Baker Arrested?

NewTalkZB reported that NZ politician Leighton Baker was one of the protestors who was arrested. The authorities removed  30 vehicles from outside Parliament in an operation and made 36 arrests. 

Police have been clearing up the large anti-vaccine, anti-mandate protest which has occupied Parliament for the last three weeks. 

The Police Commissioner Andrew Coster stated that the operation will continue until they complete. 

There was a huge clash between police and protesters which eventually led to arrest, car tows. The report also says three police officers were injured in the process. 

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Chantelle Baker Supports Her Father Leighton Baker: Taken For His Speech During Protest

Chantelle Baker has been supporting her father in the protest. She has been live-streaming the protest with thousands of viewers tuning in. 

The father-daughter duo met with police to discuss the protest. They also discussed the police moving the vehicles which have been blocking the roads for days. 

 During the live stream, she also mentioned he was talking to the officers on his own but not on the behalf of anyone. 

Who Is Leighton Baker’s Wife Sue Baker?

Leighton Baker is married to his wife, Sue Baker. The couple together has four children together. 

Alongside, they also have four grandchildren with a fifth on the way in August 2017. Meanwhile, Sue has stayed away from the spotlight and living a low-key life. 

Leighton Baker Net Worth 2022

The net worth of Leighton Baker has yet to be explored. Nevertheless, he is certainly making a good amount as a businessman and owing a firm.   

Apart from that, he is also continuing as a politician. In recent days, he has been on the headlines for the ongoing protest.


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