[VIDEO] Tyre Sampson Death Full Video Park In Orlando

The video of the death of Tire Sampson, the future promise of the NFL, comes to light. The young man died when he fell from the highest shuttle in the world at 120 km / h in Orlando: “If something goes wrong, tell my parents that I love them.”

Tire Sampson, a 14-year-old American football promise, has died in an accident at the Free Fall attraction at the ICON Park amusement park in Orlando, Florida (United States). It is the tallest descent tower or shuttle in the world at 131 meters high, in which 120 kilometers per hour are reached.

“I’ve seen the video of my son’s fall, and I can’t believe it. My life stopped,” Yarnell Sampson, father of the minor, told CNN. The young football player was rushed to a hospital, but they could not save his life. The Orange County Police Department is investigating the cause of the accident.

Future in the NFL

Tire Sampson was a prominent Missouri football player who, after playing at City Garden School, would go on to serve as the starting offensive lineman at East St. Louis High School. In fact, it was expected that he would soon have offers from the first college division ( NCAA ).

AJ Jones, manager of Tire ‘Big Tick’ Samson, described the deceased young player as “a humble giant”, an outstanding student, and a young man who dreamed of making it to the NFL after playing in college ( NCAA ).

One of the theories that the local authorities are considering is that the security officials did not place the boy’s harness correctly and that is why it did not hold correctly. “When the ride started moving that’s when he got uncomfortable. He said, ‘This is moving,’ he was shocked and said, ‘What’s going on? ‘” says the boy’s father.

Sampson went on this attraction with two of his best friends and quickly realized that something was wrong and became very nervous. The young man’s father assures that, at that moment, he told his friends: “If something goes wrong, tell my parents that I love them very much.” It was seconds before he lost his life.

The boy was 1.98 meters tall and in other park attractions they did not let him climb because of his height, although the Orlando Free Fall security officials considered that there would be no problem if Sampson climbed.


whatmenlikeblog said

Many have heard about the tragic death of the 14-year-old boy who died at an amusement park in Orlando. Now we will tell you something that will finally break your heart. Tyre Sampson was a very talented soccer player. The boy could have had a brilliant future.

He was an able athlete and could count on a scholarship to one of the Division I soccer programs. The boy was only in the eighth grade, but he was already coaching with the top-ranked team in East St. Louis.

Although much larger than his peers, Tyr played offense. All the coaches and players paid attention to the boy’s ability and tenacity; he often stayed late to improve his game. Dire tragically died Thursday night at ICON Park in Orlando. He crashed to his death while riding at 430 feet. The boy’s partner’s father broke the news to his coach. It appears his son was sitting nearby at the time of the incident.

Have you heard about this tragedy yet? It is an unbearable loss. Mourning!


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