Who Is Caio Borralho Girlfriend Laís Mori? 

Caio Borralho is currently dating his long-time Brazilian girlfriend, Lais Mori. 

There are no details about her profession and background, except minor information like she has two dogs, is athletic, and has a thing for travel. 

She can be found on social media under the Insta handle “lais.mori,” with around 1,180 followers, and “LahMori” on Twitter with 164 followers. Caio likes to communicate in her native language as she is rarely seen posting in English. 

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Lais is vocal in expressing love toward Borralho as she is not shy in sharing intimate (only kissing) and cosy photos of them. They have traveled the world together and often post pictures of their journey on social media.

The pair last ticked off Las Vegas from their travel diary, where they went for Caio’s UFC match. In addition, they went on to see Red Canyon, the Nevada desert, and other attractions in Vegas. 

Caio Borralho Age Gap; Dating History And Relationship Timeline

Caio Borralho has maintained his relationship with Lais Mori for more than five years. 

Although the lovely couple hasn’t revealed the exact date, they started dating somewhere in 2017. They began their love affair back in Brazil and quickly fell head over heels. 

Caio’s love for his girlfriend is quite strong; the same goes for Lais. Yet, they haven’t thought about marriage and starting a family as he appears preoccupied with his profession. 

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If things go well, they may plan a future soon as they practically live together. She is Caio’s biggest fan and stayed with him through thick and thin. 

Mori’s details have not been revealed in the media yet. Hence, we cannot mention the exact age difference between them but observing their photographs, they seem very close in age. 

Caio Borralho Personal Life 

On January 16, 1993, he was born to Desdemona Karla Mesquita, his mother, and George Luis, his father.

Moreover, he grew up with his sister, Ana Leticia, in the beautiful state of Maranhão in Brazil. His parents are separated & his mother is currently in a relationship with Fernando Dias.

Talking about his fighting style, he claims that he is a fighting nerd who will calculate every move and do every action necessary to triumph. He’s not just going to brawl and fight stupidly but focus on each move. 

Caio Posing After A Workout
Caio Posing After A Workout ( Source :
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He has a tattoo of ‘Free Spirit’ on his neck, referring to his carefree spirit, which he has tried to maintain throughout his life. On his left arm, he also has the tattoo “Fight or Die.”

Borralho has determined to establish himself as the face of Brazilian MMA and be the best out of all the Brazilian players available on the roster of UFC. 

The 29 years old rising star has already made a name for himself within a few years in the industry. Who knows what he can achieve when he gets to fight in a title match!