TWITTER POLL: Do you think there are more doors or wheels in the world?

Twitter has been consumed by the ongoing discussion of wheels and doors. People are now arguing if doorknobs are wheels as if the umpteen opinions on the existing subject are not enough.

A Twitter user named Ryan Nixon started the whole thing with a poll. His friends and he were debating whether there are more wheels or doors in the world, and he asked for their thoughts.

This simple question became one of the most talked-about topics on the Internet in no time. There have also been other intriguing questions raised by the discussion, including whether doorknobs belong on wheels.

Do doorknobs have wheels?

You might be surprised to learn that doorknobs actually fall under the category of wheels.

Wheels are circular objects that rotate around an axle and are attached below vehicles or other moving objects.

Having to do with its design, doorknobs are considered wheels and axles. An axle connects the knob with the door, whereas the knob itself acts as a wheel.

Well, we know not all of you would be convinced with the explanation, just like many Twitter users, who believe otherwise.

Debate on Twitter sparked by new topic

Twitter users are busy discussing whether a doorknob is a wheel, just as they had discussed how many doors and wheels there are around the world

One person said: “More wheels than doors.”. As well as screws, levers, pulleys, wedges, and inclined planes, wheels and axles make up the six simple machines. “Wheels can be found in so many things that many don’t even think about.”

“Anyone who thinks a doorknob is a wheel is ill,” said another.

A user tweeted: “Not a bad analogy.” The users think that it’s possible to argue that a shower curtain could be considered a door (although there is some stretching involved), but a doorknob is a wheel and axle by definition.

Reply to original debate is difficult to come up with

Those trying to find out if the world has more doors than wheels may be disappointed to discover that there’s none. Doors are not only found in homes and buildings, they can even be found on washing machines, cars, and cabinets.

Likewise, trolleys and roller blades are among the countless items that have wheels. Therefore, finding a definitive answer to this debate is extremely difficult.

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