Tron Welborn aka Dimension7yo On TikTok Mugshots, Why Was He Arrested In The First Place?

After his arrest, Tron Welborn, who goes by the name Dimension7yo on TikTok mugshots, has been all over the internet.

Tron Welborn was arrested by police after he was said to have threatened Central Florida School in several online videos. Several charges have been brought against a man in his 30s.

He posted a video online in which he kept threatening to shoot people. A woman who saw the clip went to the Port Orange city police and told them about him. They took action against him right away.

When the police looked into it, they found new information that shocked the public. Here, you can learn more about the case.

Tron Welborn

Tron Welborn

Tron Welborn, who goes by the name Dimension7yo on TikTok,

Tron Welborn, who goes by the name “Dimension 7yo” on TikTok, threatened to shoot up the Central Florida School in videos that he posted. He lived in Daytona Beach, and in the meantime, the police in that area looked into the case.

He has also made a few rap videos, but the one where he kept threatening to shoot up the school went viral and got him arrested.

Tron worked at a Trader Joe’s distribution center. In the second video he posted, he said he was going to shoot up the area. He yelled in one of his videos,

“Just knock on my door again with the police and see what happens. I’m going to shoot up the school. I will personally go to Spruce Creek and shoot up the whole school.”

The video only lasted a few seconds, but in the background, a woman’s voice sounds like she was trying to stop him from calling out “honey.”

In the second video, he kept shouting, “If I start shooting up places at work and people get hurt, it will be your fault. It’s only a matter of time before I shoot up the place. I’m going to shoot up the whole place, and you’ll be to blame.”

Why did Tron Welborn get caught? He Faces Charges

Tron Welborn was charged by the police who were looking into his case. He wanted to be a rapper, but he got in trouble when he put up a video threatening to shoot up Spruce Creek High School.

He was also charged twice in 2015 with stalking with intent to harm and assault with a deadly weapon. It turned out that Welborn had also tried to avoid being arrested and charged in the past.

He tried to run over a stop sign set up by a Volusia County deputy, so he was put on probation for a year. He was just charged with “written threats to kill or hurt people.”

For the recent accusations, he told the team looking into it that he had trouble with people online stealing his work.

Does Wikipedia Have Tron Welborn? His Age

No, you can’t find Tron Welborn on Wikipedia. The threatening video he posted got a lot of attention.

He is 36 years old and made threats while working at Trader Joe’s distribution center. Welborn seems to have been arrested and charged with a lot of things in the past.

During the official interview with the coworkers, a woman said that he once said, “Do I have to rape all the women and kill all the men to become head? I’ll wait until my friend comes in and kills everyone, and then I’ll kill myself.”

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