TikToker ‘Ellie Zeiler’ receives backlash after White House gas prices video goes viral – Watch

TikTok Ellie Zeiler is getting flack after understanding the motive behind the soaring gas rates in America in her recent video. 

This comes after the White House Administration informed Gen-Z TikTokers about inflation in the States. 

Supporters of the 18-year-old are directly assaulting her for circulating political data through the video-sharing setting and for “manipulating” her audience.

The White House carried a briefing for 30 important online symbols who accepted their TikTok profiles to communicate about their conference.

 This included Ellie Zeiler, who has amassed over 10 million supporters on the outlet.

In the video, she talked about “why gas prices are so costly,” And where she put in that the inflation price in the States is at a four-time decade huge. 

Expressing the justifications behind the exact, the TikToker noted that the “two-year epidemic is one of them. When use moves up… the rate moves up….”

She talked about Russia’s part in the entire gas allowance and how the endless conflict took advantage of a role in increasing rates. 

“Russia is one of the prime three makers of oil and it is their No. 1 earnings source. 

Now, with Putin beginning this awful battle between Ukraine and Russia, nobody expects to work with him and do global trade.” 

Who is Ellie Zeiler?

The style and glamour influencer was born in San Diego, California, teenage subject producer has an enormous following on her TikTok profile.

 In total, she has garnered 350 million likings on the platform. She first earned a grip on the platform after cybercitizens understood how identical she looked to TikTok star Charli D’Amelio.

The influencer also has over 1.7 million followers on Instagram. The TikTok looks to be extremely intimate to her family. 

She has appeared on her mother’s public media profile many times.

Her mother, Sarah, has acknowledged herself as a “coach” on the platform. Her father, Rich, is the creator of Zeiler Spirits, a filtered spirits supplier. 

His LinkedIn also states that he is the producer of COLDCOCK American Herbal Whiskey.

For the gas price video, Ellie Zeiler has retreated to her TikTok profile by uploading a formal subject, and supporters began to state again about her debatable political clip.

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