Tiktok Viral Song – ‘They gave it to me’ Trend and Origin Explored

While it’s nothing new on TikTok that a certain thing starts trending, this time we’ve got the “They gave it to me” trend to amaze all. Well, surprisingly, this sound is literally going viral on TikTok and has been tried by many users so far. But what exactly is this “They gave it to me” trend of TikTok.

Well, read ahead to know more about the viral trend on TikTok “ They gave it to me”.

“They gave it to me” trend on TikTok

Certainly, nothing but a sound clip having the line “They gave it to me” is what gets all the attention on TikTok these days. If you haven’t seen the viral trend yet on TikTok then you must watch it. The viral trend on TikTok though is actually a dialogue used in the viral videos to show some expensive items.

To be exact, the video is seen with one person showing something expensive or unique while the other one asks “where did you find that?”. In response to it as such, the person having the item says “They gave it to me”. Evidently, that’s the trend that lets one show or flaunt the expensive or unique item they got.

“They gave it to me” trend origin on TikTok

Evidently, the sound going viral on TikTok isn’t any song yet we know where the viral sound trend originated from. Well, there’s a TikTok user with the username on the platform as “lulaherreraaa” who first put the video for “They gave it to me”.

The video had a couple where the husband brings a tiles cutting tool looking at which the wife asks him about where he managed to find it. The husband in the viral video is thus seen answering the wife the trending line of the TikTok “They gave it to me”.

Tiktok users tried the viral “They gave it to me” trend

As the viral video lets one show or flaunts their unique items, users on TikTok to have given it a try. While everyone has different items to show in the video, the sound “They gave it to me” kept trending ever since it came back in the year 2021.

The hashtag of the viral sound too has been used more than 35 million times. Moreover, the original video of the trend too got millions of views over it.

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