TikTok Trend “My Name Is Chicky” Sound Goes Viral: Where Does It Come From?

TikTok is just enough to make all dive into crazy trends & challenges every now & then and the latest crazy trend is the “My name is Chicky” sound. With this new trend going insanely popular on TikTok, users have been trying it to show their share of creativity on the video. But what is this “my name is Chicky” all about?

Read ahead to know more about the “my name is Chicky” trend going popular on TikTok.

“My name is Chicky” trend going viral on TikTok

If one really needs to find what’s trending these days, then TikTok is the right app certainly. And yes the new trend to try this time is none other than the “My name is Chicky” trend. Well, what happens in this trend is a song “my name is Chicky” that plays and users in a group show their crazy moves on it.

@aquajock_h2bro @popeyesbihh @Charlie Burt @Hunter Cassady lala’s first tik tok #OscarsAtHome ♬ My Name Is – D Billions

The trend actually shows four people group as each introduces themselves as Chicky, Cha Cha, Boom boom, Lya Lya while dancing at the sound “My name is Chicky”. The trend has certainly gone viral on TikTok and it still stays to grow.

Where did the sound “My name is Chicky”?

While every trend on TikTok does have an origin, we have this latest trend of “My name is Chicky” seen on the YouTube channel “D Billions”. The trend certainly originated from there and it has millions of views on that channel for this trend.

@victoriamiraanda ♬ My Name Is – D Billions

The trend then followed everyone on TikTok and it has made all to try if showing their dance steps at the song. About thousands of videos on this trend have been made so far. However, the “D Billion” video on this trend had them wearing some colorful wigs and costumes too which made it look so appealing.

Users’ reaction to the viral trend “my name is Chicky”

TikTok users are known to leave no trend untried and as such this, is a year-old trend too as got tried by many users on the app. This trend has been going viral ever since it originated a year back.

While “D Biliions” video on this trend got more than 700 million views. We have the other videos on the trend going insanely popular too. Even you can check out this new trend and try it too.

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