Their Final Goodbyes To Rebecca Pearson

Their Final Goodbyes To Rebecca: This Is Us Car Accident In tonight’s episode of the show This is Us, US viewers said their final goodbyes to Rebecca Pearson, played by Mandy Moore, whom they had grown to love over the course of six emotionally charged and magnificent seasons. There is a lot of emotion in this last episode. The episode’s side narrative involves the family experiencing a fateful night, during which adult Deja delivers vital news that is central to Rebbeca’s final plan. The Train is the title of the episode because Rebbeca is shown riding a train like her father does when she is little.

Rebecca Pearson

Rebecca Pearson

This Is Us Car Accident: Their Final Goodbyes To Rebecca Pearson

The episode began with two guys and two girls jumping into a car and having a great time doing so. They soon meet an accident, but everyone is safe except Marcus, who is injured and sent to the hospital for surgery. The father of a hospital cafeteria kid meets a man named Jack Pearson. Pearson’s house catches fire on this night. However, the jack appeared to be in good condition, with only minor bandages. Marcus’ father was passed by by jack Pearson, who advised him not to worry too much, and jack proceeded to his room to check out. Marcus’ father was also in his room with his family. When Marcus fell unconscious on the operating table, doctors rushed to his aid. Rebbeca heard the sound of tools falling from the table. In a hospital bed, Jack appears to be OK.

Forwarding to a future adult Marcus, he is shown conducting cancer research in a medical lab and is quickly rushed to his senior to inform him of the potential possibilities of his research; he walks with a cane and limp, but his senior concludes that his results aren’t enough to save the research from being shut down due to a lack of funds. Marcus sobs in front of his sibling as he has spent years working on that project, telling his brother that it is nearly impossible to cure cancer on the first try. In a flashback scene, Marcus is pleased to have developed a medicine that has the potential to cure Alzheimer’s disease rather than cancer, and this aids Marcus in his relationship with Deja. Marcus may be engaged with Deja in future episodes, according to rumours in the following episode.

Deja arrives at the farewell ceremony and announces her pregnancy, which makes her very pleased; she shares her excitement with him by hugging him. She is a little hesitant about pregnancy since she is unsure about her relationship with the baby’s father, subsequently known as Malik, a workaholic. Deja was resting at Pocono’s house that night when her husband arrived. He informed her that he had created his dream restaurant and was very delighted about her pregnancy, that he had loved her for 16 years and wanted to marry her and raise the baby with her, and that the long-awaited episode would finish happily.

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