Star Wars Character Ages, How Old Are The Star Wars Characters?

Star Wars Character Ages, How Old Are The Star Wars Characters?

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Star Wars is a famous American epic space opera it is a multimedia franchise created by George Lucas it was filmed in 1977 and soon it became a worldwide pop-culture phenomenon. This star war has been expanded for the vast into various films, and other media which includes TV series, video games, novels, comic books, theme park attractions, and some themed areas also. Ans it been nominated for the Academy Awards and so on. Some of the main cast of Star Wars is, 

  • Rey  

  • Jyn Erso 

  • Finn 

  • Rose Tico 

  • Poe Dameron, etc

Star Wars Character Ages

Characters  Ages 
Rey  20
Jyn Erso  21
Finn  24
Rose Tico 24
Padme Amidala  27
Ben Solo  30
Poe Dameron 33
Boba Fett  41
Jango Fett  44
Darth Maul  44
Ashoka Tano  45
Anakin skywalker  45
Qui-gon Jinn  48
Grogu  50
Shmi skywalker  45
Mace Windu  53
Luke skywalker  53
Leia Organa  54
Wedge Antilles 56
Obi-wan Kenobi  57
Grand Moff Tarkin  64
Han solo  66
Lando Calrissian  66
Qi’ra  66
Count Dooku  83
Admiral Ackbar  86
Jar Jar Binks  87
Sheev Palpatine  117
Chewbacca  235
Jabba the Hutt  604
Yoda  900
Maz Kanata  1,008

How Old Are The Star Wars Characters?

The above-mentioned paragraph, says about the ages of the characters and there we had mentioned each character’s age. So you can go through the above context to know about the How Old Are The Star Wars Characters of the Star Wars. 

 The Star Wars Characters


Jyn Erso 


Rose Tico


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