Soca Artist Dexter Blaxx Stewart Passed Away, Cause of Death, Sickness & Illness

The death of soca artist Blaxx has been confirmed by his family, according to reports.

Blaxx’s real name is Dexter John Stewart, and he was born on December 21st. Jerry Stewart, the father who created the band “Jerry and New School,” started him on his musical adventure when he was thirteen years old, and has continued to develop him into the person he is today.

He then became a member of the popular band “Fucceccion,” where he went under the stage name “Blaxx” for eleven years. Following that, he went on to play in a variety of different bands, including “Atlantic,” “Byron Lee and the Dragons,” and “Blue Ventures,” among others.

Blaxx met Mr. Roy Cape, the legendary artist, in 1999 and was invited to become a member of his family of artists (Roy Cape All Stars). It is a matter of historical record that Mr. Blaxx gratefully accepted the post.

Dexter Blaxx Stewart

Dexter Blaxx Stewart

Obituary: Soca Artist Dexter Blaxx Stewart Passed Away, Cause of Death, Sickness & Illness

Earlier this week, Blaxx’s family confirmed that the soca artist had passed suddenly, and his unexpected death has caused his fans to express their sorrow on social media. The condolences to this extraordinarily gifted individual are pouring in from all across the world on Twitter.

His obituary report has not yet been published, and his family has not yet announced a date for his funeral service. While the word of his death was spreading, many individuals were convinced that it was all a hoax perpetrated on the internet by a group of trolls. Unfortunately, Fay Ann Lyons wrote a status on Facebook supporting the air, which was taken off immediately.

Fans have referred to him as a legend, and his passing is unquestionably a great loss to the music industry. The genre in which he worked was uncommon, and it will be difficult for the next generation to carry on the tradition.

Blaxx Was Hospitalized in the ICU Due to Covid Infection

Blaxx was in excruciating pain as a result of Covid and had to be admitted to the intensive care unit. Following reports that she had been brought to the Arima General Hospital with covid on Monday, the singer was taken to the hospital.

The news was confirmed by Giselle Gellineau-Penrose, his manager, in an interview with Newsday on Wednesday. Also, she indicated that he was under constant observation. Beyond that, there was no other information supplied to the public.

Going back in time, in 2020, he was hospitalised with kidney and lung problems, but he was released from the hospital the following year, in November. In order to prepare for the better days of 2021, he hosted Blaxx and Friends at his residence. He had even completed and published his music for the Taste of Carnival season in 2022.

Blaxx’s Wife and Children

Blaxx’s wife and family are in deep sorrow as a result of their loved one’s untimely passing. Their identities, on the other hand, have not been revealed on the internet. Thousands of people are waiting for them to set a date for the funeral of their favourite performer.

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