Shark Killed Swimmer Video Shows Horrifying Moment at Sydney Little Bay Beach

A shocking video is surfacing on the internet where a man is seen getting killed by a shark. The horrifying incident happened at a popular Sydney beach. With this, the city has also become the witness of its first fatal shark attack in 60 years.

The video is now circulating on the internet and getting a lot of attention from the viewers. The netizens are shocked to learn about the tragic killing of the man by the shark. The footage has shown the moment the shark struck which was captured by another man present there.

Shark Killed Swimmer Video Shows Horrifying Moment at Sydney Little Bay Beach

As per reports, a fisherman first reported the incident and said that a man has been attacked and dragged under the water by a shark. After one hour, rescuers found human remains around 6 PM. A man who was filming the video was heard shouting “someone just got eaten by a shark”. The man also added that it was a big great white shark and said that’s insane. The mentioned man was recording the horrifying incident from a rock ledge where some people were reportedly fishing.

When the incident took place, huge splashes can be seen with the water in the area turning red. It was also added that birds were circling above the water as the shark was attacking the man. While it happened, another woman shouted “oh my god.. what the f***? in disbelief. The man who was recorded went on to add that the person is still there. Besides, emergency services were called to the area when the tragic incident occurred which is near Buchan Point in Malabar on Wednesday.

The footage that is going viral shows half of the man’s body being taken by a shark while the police also confirmed it. A spokesperson for NSW Ambulance said that the man suffered catastrophic injuries and the paramedics who reached the scene could not do much to save his life. Another witness from the scene stated that the swimmer was just in front of him when suddenly he was dragged under the water and called the incident terrible.

The witness said that he was shaking and kept vomiting as the incident was very upsetting. Since 1963, it is the first fatality from a shark attack that happened in Sydney which has shaken all the people there. Netizens also seem to express their sadness on the man’s tragic death. For more such updates, stay connected with our site.

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