Sania Khan Photographer Shot Dead By Ex-Husband In Chicago

Sania Khan was a Pakistani American photographer. Having grown up in Tennessee, the former flight attendant moved to Chicago in 2021. And before being an attendant, Khan was involved as a social worker to support herself financially, and at the same time, she also pursued her passion for photography. Sania Khan came to attention following her murder after being gunned down.

What Happened To Sania Khan? TikTok Photographer Murder Case Update

Sania Khan, the TikToker and photographer, was reportedly murdered last week in her apartment.

As noted in NY Post, her former husband, Raheel Ahmad was the perpetrator (shooter) of her death. He also made the 11-hour drive from his home in Georgia to Khan’s Chicago apartment. And he allegedly came there to kill her.

After his family noticed his disappearance from his home, they thought he might have gone to Khan’s apartment, and their guess was correct.

After divorcing her husband, living independently, and working as a photographer, she revealed via her TikTok that she was finally reclaiming her autonomy.

After her murder case got made public, many South Asian women wrote about how they could relate to the incident of Sania. And this has also raised a wake-up call in the South Asia community.

Some also shared that the South Asian males could not digest that their wives had not only left them but could survive and be happy and do well without them.

Other South Asian women also expressed that they have experienced the same stigmas and isolation when trying to leave abusive partners.

Just last month, Sania shared about how going through a divorce as a South Asian woman sometimes feels like you failed at life. And that’s not all; the way the community labels you, the lack of support, and the pressure to stay with someone make you feel like you are a failure and wrong sometimes.

She even wrote that her family pressured her to maintain an intact relationship with her husband. And if she refused, sometimes they even retorted and threatened her with suicide.

In her TikTok video, we could see her happy and glow-up face after she split from her husband and led a single life. In one of her posts, she wrote that she has never been happier after living with his ex.husband.

Sania Khan Husband – Who And Where Is Raheel Ahmad?

Sania Khan and her husband Raheel Ahman married for less than a year and divorced in May.

It is also found that she had previously considered getting a restraining order against her former partner.

Raheel Ahmad has been pronounced dead in the Northwestern Hospital, and police ruled his death as suicide.

The Chicago police officers found a 29-year-old female and a 36-year-old male motionless in a Windy City condo, both with gunshot wounds to the head. While Sania was found dead on the spot, Ahmad was transported to the hospital, where he later died.

As per the reports, the Chicago Tribune stated that some heard a gunshot upon arrival at the scene in Khan’s apartment. The Chicago Sun-Times reported that a gun was found in Ahmad’s hand, and a suicide note was also found nearby the deceased’s body.

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