Rowan Baxter Parents : Father, Mother And Family

Who are the parents of the Australian murderer father who stabbed himself to death after setting his family on fire? What Has Happened to Rowan Baxter’s Parents? Find out about his family and how much money he has.

Rowan Baxter Family

Rowan Baxter Family

Rowan Baxter, a Brisbane-based fitness trainer, slaughtered his entire family on February 19 by confining them inside a car and setting it on fire with gasoline.

Following a school pick-up, he imprisoned his wife, Hannah, and three children, Aaliyah, Laianah, and Trey, in the vehicle and set it on fire. The ruthless person even prevented his screaming family from being rescued by neighbours.

He later committed suicide at the spot.

The kids died on the scene, while Hannah was brought to the hospital with 97 percent of her body burned.

Those who are familiar with the situation are curious about his history. How and by whom was he raised?

As a result, the quest for his parents has intensified. So, here’s everything we know about his parents, as well as his family and net worth.

What Has Happened to Rowan Baxter’s Parents? Get to know his parents.

There are no details at all about his parents.

There have been no reports mentioning his parents, which must indicate that they do not want to be associated with the sin their son has committed. As a result, they continue to be low.

Or, because he was born in New Zealand, his parents might still remain there.

Lloyd and Suzanne Clarke, on the other hand, are Hannah’s parents and still live in Brisbane.

Is There Anyone Left in the Rowan Baxter Family?

Rowan’s family consisted of his wife Hannah, daughters Aaliyah, 6, and Laianah, 4, as well as sons Trey, 3, and Isaiah Jesse Rowan Baxter.

Isaiah is his son from a previous marriage, and he is the family’s lone living member.

Hannah and Rowan met for the first time in 2008 at a Police Citizens Youth Club. Baxter was a 30-year-old father at the time, and she was 19.

According to Hannah’s parents, he was a gentleman before they married in 2012, but things went south after that.

Rowan Baxter Net Worth In 2022

There is no information available about his net worth or earnings from any source. However, given that he worked as a personal trainer for some high-end customers, he must have made a good income.

Hannah, too, was a working mother who must have made a good living.

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