Robert Adams: San Bernardino Ca Shooting

A Black teenager named Robert Adams is shot by two police officers in a video that has gone viral. The video has gained a lot of traction on social media, and people are sharing and discussing it.

There are rumors that the police stated there had been a standoff whereas the specifics of what transpired have not yet been made public. However, as can be seen in the video, Adam appears to be unarmed and is casually strolling through what appears to be a parking lot.

Two policemen then emerged out of nowhere in an unmarked car and began shooting him. The individual attempted to hide behind a car and flee from them, but the officers found him and attacked him.

Even though the online footage is short, some claim that one of the officers shot the man nine times in the back. People are upset because the video has been circulated widely on social media.

They have charged the cops with murder and the police agency with withholding the footage in an effort to cover up their illegal behavior. The date on the video, according to others, indicates that it has already been two days.

They believe the police withheld the footage because they are aware it was a criminal carelessness and an outcome of misbehavior. However, the San Bernardino police force has not yet addressed the problem.

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