Replicate Bella Hadid’s Viral Jawline With This Highlighting Technique

Bella Hadid is not only one of the biggest models in the industry, she’s also a pop culture and beauty icon. Hadid, who is the sister of Gigi Hadid and the daughter of reality star Yolanda Hadid, is often seen in stunning photoshoots, rocking a variety of beauty and makeup looks.

Recently, a photo of Hadid went viral, not for what she was wearing, but rather, for the way that her jawline looks in the picture. Fortunately for fans, there’s an easy way to recreate Hadid’s photo at home, with a makeup artist taking to TikTok to share how to get the same makeup look.

Bella Hadid, turned slightly to the sideBella Hadid’s jawline-highlighting photo recently went viral

Bella Hadid is no stranger to having her photos go viral, having been in the spotlight for well over five years. However, in mid-January, Hadid took social media by storm once again when she shared a series of photos on her Instagram page. In the 10-part photo carousel series, fans can see Hadid celebrating a friend’s birthday, stepping out on the town, and digging into some delicious-looking birthday cake.

It wasn’t her antics or her outfit that got attention from fans, however – it was the way her jawline stole the spotlight in every photo. While Hadid didn’t drop any makeup details in her Instagram caption, in the weeks after the model shared the picture, people have been rushing to try to sculpt their jawlines in order to make them pop just like Hadid’s. Recently, a makeup artist posted some details on TikTok, sharing some advice as to how fans at home can recreate Hadid’s look.

How can fans replicate Bella Hadid’s jawline?

Makeup artist Rachel OCool shared a video on TikTok at the end of January, offering her take on how to recreate Hadid’s viral jawline. According to New Beauty, OCool said the look is fairly easy to copy at home. The makeup artist demonstrated by gently tapping some highlighter along her jawline, nearly up to the lobe of her ear, making sure to place it in an “L”-shape along the bone of the jaw. As she blended the highlighter, OCool said “There’s something there! It’s not perfect, but there’s something there. Let me know if you try it, let me know if you can perfect it.”

OCool’s TikTok video started another viral trend, as several other makeup artists shared their own takes on the jaw highlighting technique. According to Allure, fans can try the look by using just cream or powder highlighters, or by fully contouring the jawline with bronzer before applying the highlighter to really make the jawline “pop” in photos. A well-moisturized skin is also the key to glowing skin, so before you try Hadid’s look at home, make sure to apply a moisturizer that is suited to your skin type, let it dry, and add primer to give your highlighter extra staying power.

While Bella Hadid hasn’t commented on the buzz surrounding her popping jawline, it’s likely that the model is staying in tune with what’s happening on social media. Since 2017, Hadid has been one of the biggest models in the world, earning acclaim for her graceful walk and signature “fox eyes” look. In addition to her work in the fashion industry, Hadid has been open about the pressures of fame, sharing the importance of mental health and encouraging her fans to take care of themselves, both mentally and physically.

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