Release information and OTT streaming for the movie “Vaashi”

Release information and OTT streaming for the movie “Vaashi”



What day will Vaashi be released internationally, and which OTT service has secured the rights to broadcast the courtroom drama internationally?

The Butcher of Delhi, Ghar Waapsi, Parampara season 2, and F3: Fun and Frustration are just a few of the major OTT releases coming out this week for fans of excellent Indian movies and TV shows.

But with the premiere of the popular Malayalam-language legal drama Vaashi, this week’s OTT streaming releases will actually get underway early.

Vaashi is the ideal movie to unwind with this weekend because of its all-star ensemble and unusual courtroom-based plot. But when will it be released online and which OTT streaming service will be showing the film?


In Vaashi, two young attorneys named Adversary in Law Madhavi and Adversary in Law Ebin describe their love story.

However, when they take opposing sides in a significant case involving sexual assault on a lady without her agreement under Section 375 of the Indian Penal Code, their personal connection is severely strained.

As the two attempt to strike a balance between their job and personal lives, their personal histories, professional ethics, and courtroom presence all come into play in this case.

Two excellent self-made lawyers are determined to win a case in which they are on opposing sides in this “courtroom drama.” – Vaashi summary obtained from IMDB.

This Vishnu G Raghav film, starring Tovino Thomas and Keerthy Suresh, had its theatrical debut on June 17th.


The Netflix service has purchased the OTT streaming rights to the 2022 Vaashi film, which will debut on Sunday, July 17.

According to rumours, the movie will be distributed in four languages: Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, and Malayalam (original) (dubbed).

Netflix has not publicly announced a date or time for the international premiere, but the service has recently developed a tradition of presenting exclusive Indian content starting at 12 AM IST.

Due to the growing pricing difference between Amazon Prime Video and Disney Hotstar, two of its competitors, Netflix India notoriously reduced its prices early this year.


Vaashi received mixed reviews from both fans and critics, earning an unimpressive 6.9/10 on IMDB and a 2/5 in current fan polls conducted by The Times of India.

The assumption that everything must be overly dramatic and larger than life has been so ingrained in modern cinema. It is energizing to see movies that retain the storyline somewhat more grounded. I liked how Vaashi portrays the courtroom as a courtroom rather than a battleground with shouting and screaming. Well-written, quite pertinent, and undoubtedly thought-provoking — Neethuun-80013, as seen in IMDB.

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