Rapper Lil Jay Arrested Over Gun Charges After Two Months Of Being Out Of Jail

Lil Jay is a rapper and musician from Chicago who was arrested for holding a gun without a permit.

A Chicago rapper named Jay has been arrested for illegally holding a gun. In 2015, he broke the rule, and in 2022, he was found with the gun again. The officer has taken the rapper into custody because he broke the law.

Also, Lil Jay became famous when he put up a popular video on YouTube called “Couldlord Mixtape Teaser” after he joined the site. He has worked on the albums Chiraq, Squad, Pressed, Show Me Sum, Finesse, Competition Domination, and Keep It On Me.

Lil Jay

Lil Jay

Lil Jay is taken into custody on gun charges

Gun charges are said to have led to the arrest of popular Chicago rapper Lil Jay. Police allegedly caught drill rapper Jay with a gun, which has been reported.

So it looks like the rapper was arrested because he broke his parole. The officer said that he was found with a gun.

Lil Jay was charged with a crime and put back in jail. He will stay in jail until his bond hearing because he is being held on a parole hold.

His fans don’t know what paperwork he has, but he may have some with the police. The department is allowed by law to deal with the situation. Before, the rapper was caught with weapons that were against the law.

Lil Jay was caught with a gun on Monday, January 5, 2015. The FBG Clout Boy got in trouble when he carelessly dropped a gun. A reckless release is a Class 4 Felony that carries a sentence of one to three years in state prison, community service, probation, and a maximum fine of $25,000.

The bail for Jay has been set at $400,000. Also, the rapper will go to court again on January 9. King Yella talked about the arrest of the “Clout Lord” rapper on social media on Tuesday.

Is Mario Austin Lil Jay’s real name?

Yes, Mario Austin is really Lil Jay’s real name. In the entertainment world, he is known as “king Lil Jay.” On November 13, 1993, he came into the world in Chicago, Illinois. The rapper is 28 years old right now. Also, the king has a young daughter, but no one knows who she is.

Jay, a musician, has 3,76,000 people who follow him on YouTube. He worked on First Day Coult on 2022. Before that, the rapper’s songs “Unexpected Fame Leftovers” and “Unexpected Fame 3” brought him attention.

Austin has also worked on a number of albums. He has been seen in the world of music, but he has vanished from the social site. Since he went to jail in 2016, his Instagram and Twitter pages haven’t changed much.

How much money does the rapper make in 2022?

Lil Jay had to pay $400,000 to get out of jail. Jay was charged with murder in 2016 and spent five years in jail.

Since he keeps getting in trouble with the law, it looks like he hasn’t put out any new music in a while. But it’s possible that he’s working on music at the moment. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Also, he is a member of the Free Band Gang. In 2012, he became well-known for his music. Fans have praised his YouTube video “Bars of Clout,” which has gotten millions of views. Aside from that, the rapper has worked with Lil Mister.

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