Public Sector Bank Employees Threaten To Go On Strike

Public Sector Bank Employees Threaten To Go On Strike: Every day you go to work and earn well. Your income will be based on your job only. If you are in a job and performing well in the company then no one will remove you from the post. Your family will also depend on your income. But what if you are not getting income. Yes, it has been a month and you are not getting a salary. What would you do in that situation? Share your thoughts in the comment section below. Follow More Update On

Public Sector Bank Employees Threaten To Go On Strike

Recently such news has come to the fore that where employees of public sector banks were going on strike due to non-payment of pension on time. There is a delay in getting the amount. This strike has been started on 27th June. Employees working in government banks are now worried about payment. And their work is also at a standstill. He is also worried about his salary.

It was not yet known which bank he was facing. The name of the bank was not revealed to the public. We only got the news that employees of public sector banks were not getting pensions on time. They have raised their problems in the banks and are waiting for answers. Nothing was coming out yet. Everyone was raising his voice through social media or through news channels. There are many types of questions in the minds of many people about when the amount is being received. But the banks did not respond to any of them.

Banks were silent now and they are not in a position to answer everyone. An umbrella body of nine bank unions, including the United Forum of Bank Unions, the All India Bank Officers’ Confederation, the All India Bank Employees Union, and the National Association of Bank Employees, decided to go on strike and wait for their salaries. Around 7 lakh employees from all over the country were facing the same problem and wanted to know the reason for not getting their salary.

So many meetings were attended by the owners of the banks, but the result did not come out. The employees did not get pensions and the existing employees were worried about their salaries. The situation in banks was very bad. When the matter is resolved. No one knows this. All we do is wait.

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