Paul Solomon: What Happened To Him

What happened to Paul Solomon, the murder victim’s husband, in New York in 1989? To learn more about the case, scroll down.

Carolyn Warmus, Paul Solomon’s ex-lover, shot and killed his wife in 1989. Following the case, she was found guilty of two felonies, went through two trials, and was sentenced to 27 years in prison.

After 27 years, Oxygen will premiere the Fatal Attraction Killer series, which will tell the storey of Carolyn Warmus.

Paul Solomon

Paul Solomon

What Happened To Paul Solomon? – Is the New York Teacher Alive OR Dead?

The internet has been buzzing with rumours about what happened to Paul Solomon. After his ex-lover, who killed his wife, was released after serving 27 years in jail, netizens are keen to learn more about the New York teacher.

Carolyn Warmus, a former elementary school teacher from the United States, was found guilty of second-degree murder and illegal possession of a pistol after a trial in 1989. Betty Jeanne Solomon, the wife of her ex-lover, had been shot.

She was held at the Bedford Hills Correctional Facility for Women in Westchester County, New York. Several affirmed disciplinary sanctions were presented after her initial parole denial in early 2017, and she was sentenced to them.

Warmus declared her innocence the following year. She also ordered that glove evidence discovered between the first and second trials by her ex-lover Paul Solomon be tested for DNA.

In May 2021, Westchester County prosecutors agreed to DNA testing of the glove, as well as the sample taken from the victim and blood found in the victim’s husband, Paul Solomon’s tote bag. Any of the evidence was never subjected to DNA testing.

Where Is Paul Solomon’s Wife Betty Jeanne Solomon?

In 1970, Paul Solomon married Betty Jeanne Solomon in Nyack. Following their wedding, the couple moved to Alaska, where Paul was stationed as an Air Force officer.

However, after the birth of their daughter Kristan in 1973, they relocated to Harrison, New York. In Edgemont, he became a teacher at Greenville Elementary School.

Betty had been employed at a local bank for some years at the time. In 1984, however, she accepted a position as an account executive with a collection agency in Mamaroneck, New York.

They moved to a larger property near Greenburgh, but the ups and downs continued. She even considered divorce, but finally decided to stay in the marriage.

However, her decision proved fatal when her husband began an affair with a younger woman at the school where he was teaching, and she was supposedly slain by being shot nine times in the back and arms.

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