Patra Petika Part 2 Webseries Ullu Streaming Now Online, Check Actress Name Instagram Story Plot Cast!

Hello everyone and we have a really exciting ULLU web series for you all. Everybody is talking about this new program and they are really excited about it. The trailers and teasers are already available on these social media platforms and they are getting very positive feedback from the audience. The story is really interesting and exciting and it’s about the sex workers and dance workers of a Huge Mansion in a village. The trailer opens with a Very elegant dance performance. Stay tuned to our website for more latest updates!!!

Patra Petika Part 2 Webseries All Episodes

Patra Petika Part 2 Webseries All Episodes

At first glance, you will say that this is some kind of periodic and Indian historical web Series buts its setup in Modern Times. It kinda looks like the Gaachi web series and gives similar vibes. So as we moves into the trailer and we can see the main lead who is a female and she is really passionate about her work and what she does to earn money. Further we can see that there are more women and they are all performing for the wealthy and rich people. The series will be released on 1st of April.

Patra Petika Part 2 Webseries Release Date, Story Plot, Trailer

But later we possibly see the arrival of the villain of the series and he is a older guy. And he is trying to shut down the whole business and is considering it as illegal. He does not like such things happening in the village. He does not want the sex business to operate in the region and he wants to take control of the whole mansion. But as we can see that the female the are really brave and they are stepping up for themselves. It is going to be a really exciting war between these two groups.

Patra Petika Part 2 Webseries Star Cast, Review

There will be some sensual scenes and some scenario use full of tension. The online users are constantly having a debate on the whole script and story. And it is a very different kind of Concept introduced by the platform in many months. It is going to be a strictly age restricted and adult TV show. You can enjoy this web Series by purchasing the subscription. We will be bringing more entertainment news and stories from all over the world so till then stay tuned with our website.

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