MLB: Andruw Jones and Nicole Derick

Druw might or might not have a girlfriend; it has remained confusing as he hasn’t made a single post with his girl on his social media. The athlete has maintained a private lifestyle.

Furthermore, he is only 18, so he might have chosen not to expose the details of how the athlete chooses to live his life on the internet, which is understandable, and we respect his privacy.

However, as an athlete, the baseballer might have impressed a few beautiful girls during his high school career, and he might have dated someone during his first or second years. But he hasn’t disclosed the identities of the girls he has dated, nor has he ever talked about his relationship status.

Hopefully, Jones will be more open about himself and keep his admirers and well-wishers on his lifestyle through his Instagram; he has gained 143k followers on his verified account, @25.druwjones. Furthermore, he has only 13 posts that give a glimpse of his athletic career.

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