Michael Elgin Arrest: Why happened to Canadian wrestler, Michael Elgin in Japan

Michael Elgin Arrest: Why happened to Canadian wrestler, Michael Elgin in Japan, Twitter response explored.

According to reports, Michael Elgin was arrested last weekend in Japan for stealing protein powder, and that he is currently still in jail.

The former Impact Wrestling star has now responded to reports of his arrest for theft in Japan via a tweet.

“I’m not going to bother saying what happened, but I am going to say. I was not charged for stealing protein,” Elgin tweeted. “I’m not charged at all, I am not facing jail time. I’m also not deported. I am going to Canada to be with my family after the passing of an extremely close family member.”

The 35-year-old most recently worked for Pro Wrestling Noah, where he was one-half of the GHC Tag Team Champions with Masa Kitamiya.

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