Maryjane Alia Death: A man strangled and killed his girlfriend inside a motel room out of anger and jealousness in Carcar City,

 Maryjane Alia Death: A man strangled and killed his girlfriend inside a motel room out of anger and jealousness in Carcar City, Cebu

On Thursday, May 5, a 40-year-old man allegedly strangle to death his 36-year-old girlfriend inside a motel in Carcar City, Cebu

Carl Vigador ,who was arrested in his house in Sierra Bullones town in Bohol Province, Friday morning, May 6 told police that he lost his temper when he learned that another man was texting his girlfriend while they were inside the motel that day.

Police Master Sergeant Rol Bryan Wahing, assistant investigator of the Sierra Bullones Police Station, said that Vigador allegedly admitted that he killed his girlfriend identified as26-year-old  Maryjane Alia in a fit of jealousy,

Vigador, who is a truck boy of a big company in southern Cebu, said that he just lost it and allegedly strangled his girlfriend after he found out that the one who texted her was not her brother as she claimed.

He allegedly told police that he did not plan to kill her, but he just lost his head and found himself strangling her as he was consumed with jealousy and rage.

So far, he admitted to the crime and he told police that he did that out of jealousy.

They were on good terms when they met at the motel but then someone texted the woman and when he asked who it was the woman answered that it was her brother.

He managed to take (the cellphone from her) and when he read the texts, it was a different tone of text. So he was suspecting her then and when he read more of the texts, there were those texts that drove him to jealousy.

Investigation showed that the victim checked in first at the motel at 8am and later on Vigador arrived and joined her in the room.

Later, the motel attendants heard a call for help from the woman, but when they checked, Vigador answered the door and told them that everything was okay.

At 11:30am, Vigador left the motel leaving the woman behind. 

He told the motel attendants that he would be back, but when he did not return at noon, the motel attendants checked on the woman in the room to find out if she would extend her time to stay there.

But when nobody answered, the motel attendants grew suspicious and asked the security guard of the motel to open the room.

There they found the dead woman lying on the bed. They then called the police.

Police Master Sergeant Wahing of the Sierra Bullones Police Station said that the Carcar police coordinated with their police station  at 9:30 a.m. today, May 6, 

Wahing said that the Carcar police informed them about the case and that they had already identified the suspect as Vigador, who lived in Barangay Bugsok in Sierra Bullones in Bohol Province.

My colleagues knew this guy. That is why they went to suspect’s residence in Barangay Bugsok, Sierra Bullones, Bohol.

On their first visit there, the suspect was not there because he was still traveling from Cebu. Around 11am  Wahing said that they returned to the suspect’s house and found him outside the house.

They then arrested him. Vigador did not resist arrest.

Vigador was temporarily detained at the Sierra Bullones Police Station detention cell.

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