Lupe Fiasco feuding With Kid Cudi Again Explained, How Did The Beef Begin?

Lupe Fiasco recently took a swipe at Kid Cudi when addressing the viral Oscar 2022 incident involving Will Smith and Chris Rock. Will slapped Chris at the 94th Academy Awards, and the Chicago rapper, who never misses an occasion to bash Kid Cudi, managed to bring the Erase Me singer into his Twitter criticism. Chris’ GI Jane joke and Will’s outraged response are causing a lot of buzz on Twitter, with both fans and celebrities weighing in.


Following the event on Sunday night, the Battle Scars singer took to Twitter to say, “I hope they can find some time to come to grips with what happened, reconcile, and go on.” However, it appeared that the 40-year-old was not interested in following his own advice, as he continued in the same tweet

, “But it’s still Fk Kid Cudi for life. This was Lupe’s way of implying that he and Cudi had yet to reconcile and move on.’ Lupe also wrote a couple of more derogatory tweets to Kid Cudi, which have since been deleted. One of them overhears him calling the star of A Man Named Scott ‘snake’ and a *’bch.’ “I thought that was all in the past Lu,” one fan remarked, “It is… All I have to do now is remind myself and others every now and then,” the rapper responded.


Kid Cudi and Lupe Fiasco began feuding in 2014 when the latter chastised him for charging fans $500 for a personalized verse. On Twitter, Cudi mocked Lupe, writing, “What are you doing with the money you’re making from this @LupeFiasco?” “Are you going to donate part of the money you’re about to make to a charity or something? “A custom verse is not to ‘Swindle’ you as my competition would have you believe,” Lupe remarked in response to the tweet. It’s to give you complete control over the music you hear.”

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