Love Island USA fans react to the show ending with a cliffhanger

On Wednesday, July 20, 2022, at 9.00 pm ET, the second episode of Season 4 of Love Island USA debuted after a successful premiere on Peacock. The show’s extraordinary popularity among viewers is largely due to its intriguing format and the variety of surprises it offers the competitors. Two new island residents, Valerie and Mady, made their debut in the most recent episode.

There were now 7 ladies and only 5 guys to pair up with, which put two female islanders on the block as newcomers Valerie and Mady to Love Island USA joined the villa. However, the episode finished with a cliffhanger that featured Valerie crying and left viewers wondering who the newcomers will couple with.

Valerie Bragg makes her debut on Love Island USA

Valerie Bragg makes her debut on Love Island USA

Fans react to Love Island USA newbie Valerie crying by the end of Episode 2

With two new islanders entering the show, Love Island USA Season 4’s second episode got off to a strong start. The alternatives available to the men in the villa increased when Valerie and Mady presented themselves. But it was the rookies who had to make a crucial choice.

In tonight’s episode of the popular show, there was the first recoupling of the season. While Courtney was spared from her anguish when Mady chose Andy as her companion, Valerie’s partner was not revealed on the show. The second episode ended on a cliffhanger with Valerie sobbing.

Fans were really curious about her motivation for feeling the way she did and who she choose to date. They posted their sentiments on Twitter.

Who is Love Island USA Season 4 newbie Valerie Bragg?

With the arrival of two new islanders, Valerie and Mady, Love Island USA rapidly became a drama-filled home. When they challenged the men to choose any two of them to go on a date with the two new females, the guys in the villa had the chance to learn more about the two new ladies. Felipe and Jesse decided to visit Mady and Valeria, respectively.

Nutritionist Valerie Bragg, originally from Costa Rica, currently resides in Florida. The brunette grew up taking part in basketball and soccer games. The novice listed “slow movers,” “those who pay subtle praises,” and “people who can’t apologize even when they’re wrong” as her top warning signs.

The fourth season of Love Island USA’s second episode ended on a cliffhanger with Valerie sobbing. The men she chose to date were kept a secret by the show as well. But if Felipe’s interests are any indication, she might have chosen him perfectly. To learn if Felipe would break up with Sereniti in favor of Valerie, viewers must see the show.

Valerie was photographed having a sexual encounter with Outer Banks actor Chase Stokes in December of last year. An unidentified source captured their private exchange, and the video quickly went viral online. Following this, the celebrity faced a lot of backlash and trolls from those who accused her of severing the relationship between Chase and Madelyn Cline, his co-star.

The Love Island USA rookie clarified the situation in a TikTok video, admitting that Chase and Madelyn were both unmarried at the time. She admitted that before they got personal, they were both inebriated and that “one thing led to another.” She did, however, add that they were not dating and that their relationship was not serious.

It will be intriguing to see who Valerie chooses as her partner and how the dynamics between the existing couples and islanders change after her choice, especially as the episode of the show ends on a cliffhanger. Also, the candidates will face more thrilling trials because this is just the beginning.

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