Lobo Domesticado Singer Hector Tricoche Death At 67 As His Fans & Friends Pay Tribute

Hector Trichoche, the singer of the hit song Lobo Domesticado, dies at age 67. Fans and friends pay tribute to him on social media. 

Lobo Domesticado was one of the hit songs of Hector Trichoche. It was released in 1987, but when fans hear it today, it still gives nostalgia. People who were touched by his music will forever remember him and his legacy. 

Héctor Tricoche died almost ten days before his 67th birthday. He was born in Juan Diaz, Puerto Rico, on July 29, 1955, and passed away on June 17. 

Although the cause of his demise is yet to be revealed, some rumors say he had a heart attack. However, the details are not publicized yet, and the official confirmation is yet to be done.

But, the news of his demise has sunk the music industry into sadness. So many people expressed how heartbroken they were to learn that they had lost another great singer.

Fans Pay Tribute To Singer Hector Tricoche
Fans Pay Tribute To Singer Hector Tricoche
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He initially played in the Juana D. school band, which professor Santiago “Chago” Martnez led. Then, he started as a professional singer, collaborating with Mickey Cora and the Cabala Orchestra on his debut album in 1981.

He collaborated with La Terrífica byJoe Rodríguez for the album Por Todos Parte, which was well received by the public. That same year, he joined the group Eriguá, led by Eric Figueroa and Eddie “Guagua” Rivera.

His rise to fame began in 1984 when he joined Tommy Olivencia and his orchestra La Primersima, performing onstage alongside performers like Frankie Ruiz, Paquito Guzmán, and others. 

Hector Trichoceh Wikipedia Biography

Before beginning a solo career, Hector Tricoche performed with the famed Tommy Olivencia Orchestra for several years, as mentioned in his Wikipedia biography. He and Olivencia worked together on the 1987 hit album 30 Aniversario, which featured the hit song “Lobo Domesticado.”

It was released to commemorate Olivencia’s 30th year as a bandleader. Tricoche quit the Tommy Olivencia Orchestra in 1990 after six years of involvement.

He began his career as a solo performer, frequenting salsa nightclubs and locations like the Miami Airport Hilton and Calle Ocho/Carnival Miami festivals. After starting his solo career, he began to record for the TH-Rodven Records label.

Songs like “Hacer El Amor,” “Macho Pérez,” “A Corazón Abierto,” “Ese Soy Yo,” “Forbidden Woman,” and others were among his solo hits.

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Who Is Hector Trichoche Wife?- Details About His Family

Friends, fans, and fellow singers pay tribute to Hector Trichoche. In addition, they are sending their deepest condolences to his family. 

The singer lived life while being loved by many fans worldwide, but he kept his personal life under the rug> he never shared if he was married or had a wife or children. 

Moreover, he started being active on social media in 2018, and even there, he maintained his professional life. However, he only shared images of information related to his performances. 

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