Lizzo Spotted With Her Mystery Man as singer shares video on Instagram

Who is Lizzo’s mystery man? Lizzo is setting relationship goals with her mystery man as seen on her Instagram. Although she has always been private about her dating life, fans are very keen to know who is the mystery man. Previously, there were rumors of her dating Drake, Chris Evans, and John Mayer.

Who is Lizzo’s mystery man?

While Lizzo is spending time with her mysterious boyfriend, she has set some major goals for herself. She posted a cute, cozy PDA video on Monday, March 7, featuring her mystery man. In the video, she spends quality time with her boyfriend at the beach. Taking to Instagram on Monday, she shared several photos and videos of herself relaxing by the pool. Throughout the footage, you can see Lizzo in a white knitted shirt, blue shorts, and a yellow drink in her hand leaning on a chair in the sand. Her eyes are fixed on the camera as she shakes her head vertically. She sat next to a man with dreadlocks in the video. Lizzo kisses him first before leaning forward to kiss him.

Another post Lizzo shared was full of multiple photos and videos, with the caption, “Never gets old”. Furthermore, she wrote on her Instagram story “His & Hers” that she shared a picture of two books. In another Instagram story, Lizzo asked, “When you think of love, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Is it romance? Flowers and candy?” Moreover, she says that she has come a long way in redefining love. When she thinks of compassion for others, she says she thinks of laughing all night with friends, looking in the mirror, and dancing for herself. In her view, love is a precious element, like gold that’s unbreakable and unconditional. She ends by saying that you can redefine what love feels like and looks like by helping a stranger, calling a friend, and hyping yourself up.

Lizzo prefers to keep her dating life private. She was awestruck by her fans’ reactions and her comment section was filled with positive responses.

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