KUARON HARVEY & PARIS HARVEY Death Video Viral, Girl Accidently Shot Cousin & Herself On Instagram LiveStream!

A video of Kuaron Harvey and Paris Harvey, two cousins who were fatally shot in a shooting at their home in Toledo, Ohio, has been leaked on Twitter. The video apparently shows Kuaron shooting her cousin multiple times and then fatally shooting herself. The video begins with Paris talking to the camera about the family’s history of violence. She says that the family has a “mental illness” and that they have killed at least three people. Kuaron is then seen entering the room, and she and Paris start arguing. Kuaron shoots her cousin multiple times and then shoots herself. In a video that has recently been leaked on Twitter, it is clear that the two were fatally shooting one another before turning their guns on themselves. 

Kuaron Harvey and Paris Harvey Death Video

Kuaron Harvey and Paris Harvey Death Video

This tragic incident has left the community of Lake County reeling, and many are asking questions about how such a thing could happen. Kuaron Harvey and Paris Harvey, cousins of late rapper The Notorious B.I.G., have been found dead after a video of their fatal shooting and themselves was leaked on Twitter. In the video, which has since been taken down, Kuaron can be seen fatally shooting his cousin Paris in the head with a shotgun while she holds a handgun to her own head. They had reportedly been arguing over money when the shooting occurred.

Kuaron Harvey and Paris Harvey’s Instagram Livestream Video

TheDC has reached out to the police department for more information, but they have not yet commented on the matter. TheDC has also reached out to Twitter for comment on the matter, but they have not yet responded. Paris Harvey and Kuaron Harvey, two siblings from Baltimore, Maryland, were shot while streaming their lives on Instagram Live. The harrowing video shows the siblings arguing before Kuaron is shot in the head. The shooter then turns the gun on Paris before both siblings are killed.

Kuaron Harvey and Paris Harvey: Family Parents & Age

In today’s world, social media is a powerful tool that can be used for good or bad. Unfortunately, the recent death of Kuaron Harvey and Paris Harvey on Instagram Live has shown the dark side of social media. The video shows Kuaron Harvey shooting him multiple times while she is streaming on Instagram Live. This horrific event has caused immense pain and grief for Paris Harvey’s family and friends, as well as the wider community.

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