KSBG PARIS VIDEO Went Viral All Over On Twitter, Kuaron Harvey & Paris Harvey Instagram Live Shooting Clip!

Hello guys and we have news regarding a very terrible and devastating accident than recently happened. Kuaron Harvey young girl reportedly shot her cousin in a live Instagram video in front of all his supporters and now the videos trending on Twitter and other social networking sites. The accident has shaken the whole internet community and they are expressing their grief on the murder of The Young innocent girl. Hundreds of articles are now available on the Internet regarding this case.

KSBG Paris Video

KSBG Paris Video

And it has been gathering a lot of attention. Report it lead to young persons were found dead after they were supposedly playing with a gun and trying to attract the attention of online citizens. As we all know that the youth is currently trying to get famous somehow and they can take any steps to make their dreams true. To reportedly the girls were twelve years and 14 years old respectively and the whole incident happened near an apartment in the hundredth block of for street Lewis.

The name of the girl is being dubbed as ksbg Paris. First of all we would like to express our deepest apologies sympathies on the sad accident. Both of them were creating videos and they had a very good time representing their talent on various social networking sites. They have accumulated thousands of fans but they wanted something more. They wanted to get famous overnight and that’s why she took a gun and started playing with gun. But unfortunately the safety was a turned off and the gun was full of magazine.

Kuaron Harvey & Paris Harvey Instagram Live Shooting Clip

And in just few minutes with the whole happy scenario turned into a chaotic Nightmare when no Bullet shots were fired. Unfortunately both the girls passed away and they were about to celebrate a birthday party. There has been no announcement by the local authorities and they are still investigating the matter. But it is a really concerning situation for the society and we should really look into the the lives of teenagers. They are the future of a country and they should be educated on the online behaviour.

And they should be given a mental help. Sometimes they mean feel insecure and they may face depressive situation. Children should discuss their problems with their guardians and parents so that they don’t take life-threatening steps. The whole situation was full of panic and fear and it was reported by multiple witnesses in the live stream. We hope that no more cases will happen and all the facts of the case will be released soon. So till then stay tuned with our website and keeps falling for more breaking stories from all over the world.

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