Keanu Reeves To Star In Disney F1 Documentary Series On Ross Brawn, Release Date 2022, Cast, Episodes And Story

Lead Star actor of John Wick franchise, Keanu Reeves to be part of the upcoming F1 documentary on Ross Brawn, know its release date in 2022

If you’re into Hollwood films, you’ll be well familiar with the name Keanu Reeves, a legend, comedian call him whatever you want to. This guy is a legend who has given Hollywood so many blockbusters for decades.

Actor Keanu Reeves To Star In Disney F1 Documentary Series On Ross Brawn, Release Date 2022, Cast, Episodes And Story

Apart from being an actor, Keanu Reeves is a huge fan of motorsports and even has his own motorcycle brand named ‘ARCH’.

Being a motorsport fan, Keanu Reeves is set to make his own motorsports documentary which is based on one of the epic tale in modern Formula 1.

According to Variety , Keanu Reeves is set to feature in the documentary for Disney+, which he will also host. The news has made fans excited all around the globe.

What is F1’s new docuseries is all about?

The story is based on Ross Brawn, the current Managing Director of Formula One. The story depicts how Ross Brawn bought the failing Honda team in 2009 for just £1, and by beating all odds won the championship in the same year, a story that seemed impossible but was made a reality by Brwan GP. It’s a story of how Brwan GP revived the dying career of the Honda team in Formula One back then. This incident is considered one of the most ‘epic tales’ in the history of modern Formula One.

The story is really interesting, isn’t it?-that’s what would have agreed Keanu Reeves to be a part of the project.

Keanu Reeves has already started conducting interviews for the project:

According to Variety, Keanu Reeves has already begun the interviewing procedure, suggesting Ross Brawn and the other two drivers from that year. The 2009s Brwan GP Champion Janson Button and former F1, Brazilian racing driver Rubens Barrichello would also be a part of the project.

When will the documentary will be released?

As the documentary will going to have four parts and a lot of works have to be made in, so it is believed that the the documentary will be released next year around October. There is still a long time to go.

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